Washington Football did the right thing by doing nothing


The United States woke up Wednesday morning in a vulnerable mood after Election Day came and went without any real certainty towards the next President.

For some Washington Football fans, a similar feeling of vulnerability arrived Wednesday morning after the team made no moves prior to the NFL Trade Deadline. The team neither bought, nor sold, and kind of just stayed still.

While this space will offer no prediction on the presidential election, it will provide some reassurance to Washington Football fans: The team did the right thing.

Washington is 2-5.

Sure, technically this team is competing for an NFC East title. That should be taken seriously because it's real, it's happening. Head coach Ron Rivera wants to win the division. If he didn't, he should be thrown out of football forever. Every head coach on the planet wants to win games and win division titles.

But Washington absolutely should not have mortgaged future draft picks to try to win this year. That would have been a tremendous mistake. 

Washington is competing for the NFC East in 2020 because the NFC East is bad, and while the team should certainly try to win, at no point should the long-term goals of stability and perennial playoff contention be corrupted for short-term gains in a weak division.

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That didn't happen, and it deserves commendation.

On the other side, Washington did not sell off any assets for future draft picks, and some naive fans are upset with that.


Reality check: Washington did not have assets that would return much in deadline deals.

If a third-round pick existed for Ryan Kerrigan or Dwayne Haskins, Washington would have made that deal in a minute. Or less.

Those offers didn't exist.

Stop dreaming about trades that weren't made, because trades require willing partners, and for Washington's tradable assets, no partners existed at a price that made sense for both parties.

That doesn't mean Kerrigan or Haskins will be on this roster in 2021. 

Kerrigan will be a free agent after the season and will have some choices where he signs. Haskins is under contract in Washington at least through the 2022 season, but an offseason trade feels imminent. 

For other teams interested in Haskins, the trade deadline was the wrong time for a deal. Rebuild projects happen in the offseason, maybe even prior to the draft, not in November when teams are focused on winning.

Washington Football fans - don't be upset about the trade deadline. The organization is focused on beating the Giants in Week 9 and seeing what happens in the NFC East. 

The future still looks bright for the Washington Football Team -  there's cap space and draft picks and young defensive studs.