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Washington Football Talk gets do-over of season predictions

Football Team

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The "Washington Football Talk" podcast has decided to switch things up a little bit after witnessing a very different Washington Football Team than they were expecting Week 1 against an NFC East foe, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Washington looked abysmal in the first half of Sunday's contest, almost immediately going down 17-0 to quarterback Carson Wentz and friends. However, after an incredible halftime speech by team captain Dwayne Haskins, Washington went on to score 27 unanswered points and holding Philly scoreless.

This turn of events had the podcast crew ready to change their season win-total predictions on Thursday's episode (and by crew we mean JP Finlay).

"Here's our chance to upgrade our win prediction. Mine was 5-11," Finlay said.

"Well I had them at 7-9 and winning this [Eagles] game," Mitch Tischler said. "So I'm going to stick at 7-9 because that was a part of my plan since I had them winning this game."

"I did not have them winning that game," Finlay said. "But I didn't have them going win-less in the division. What the hell, I'm going 6-10. I wasn't expecting that."

"I'll stick at 8-8," Pete Hailey said. "I know the d-line is actually as good as advertised, but the offense still scares me a little bit. I guess everything I assumed feels on track."

There's nothing wrong with adjusting your beliefs after being presented with new details, right? Maybe these fans should thing about doing the same.