WFT has received name ideas from literally all around the world


The Washington Football Team hasn't landed on a new name yet as they continue to work on changing their brand and image. They switched names last summer and decided on Washington Football Team as a placeholder, one that will continue into the 2021 NFL season.

But behind the scenes, they have been hard at work trying to prepare for the next era of professional football in the nation's capital.

The team released a video Thursday night marking an update in the process. Along the way, the organization has received over 15,000 (and counting!) suggestions for the new team name. Millions of fans have visited the website to let their voices be heard and follow along with the changes. Thousands more have sent in letters, an appropriate method for a team that has been in the city since long before the internet was around.

Those submissions have come from six different continents around the world, with Antarctica being the obvious exception (when are the Burgundy and Gold going to start building a strong presence at the South Pole?). Ideas have come from 60 countries and every American state and territory.

Despite all of those suggestions coming in already, the franchise is making it clear that the process is not over yet. They are getting closer to taking a step into a new era, but it's not too late for fans' voices to be heard by the organization.