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Washington's kicking issues magnified in loss to Detroit

Football Team

The Washington Football Team has a lot of problems, and kicking continues to be one of them. 

It's time this team started looking at other options. 

Dustin Hopkins again missed a field goal in Sunday's loss to the Lions, and this time it was as costly as it gets given the fact that they lost by a field goal. 

Hopkins had been dealing with a groin issue all week and it wasn't even a guarantee he would play in Week 10. He did, and his pattern of missed kicks continued as he goes through the worst season of his career. 

As this team keeps losing close games, this kicking problem has grown like a weed, and people are noticing. 

"He plays the position that every time he goes on the field everything is just focused on him," Brian Mitchell said on Washington Postgame Live. "If you miss a field goal, everybody's gonna know about it. A guy that misses a block, many people don't notice it sometimes. Every time a kicker misses, everyone knows."

That's how it is in the world of kickers. When you're good, it's par for the course, but when you're struggling, everyone sees your mistakes every time it happens. 

"You look at the way the Detroit Lions won the football game," Mitchell continued. "They had a 59-yard field goal. He (Matt Prater) also kicked a 64-yarder before. You look at that and go, 'Well our guy can't be missing it from 43-yards.'"


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People make fun of kickers all the time, but when they're able to win you a game from 59-yards like Prater did for the Lions, fans love you. When you miss what used to be a chip-shot for you as a kicker like Hopkins has been, fans will revolt, and we're seeing that now. 

There's plenty of issues on this Washington roster, but I wouldn't be surprised if they address one this week, and bare minimum, bring in some kickers for workouts. 

The life of a kicker is only as long as the kicks you can make, and right now, Hopkins just isn't getting it done like he used to.