Football Team

Washington Generals concept ties in color scheme and D.C. history

Football Team

The 2020 NFL season has finally begun, meaning the Washington Football Team has more to focus on than a potential permanent name change in the future.

But, that doesn't mean that the speculation and fan designs are going to end any time soon. One of the newest logos to surface on social media related to the idea of the Washington Generals.

Overall, it has some great positives.

The mockup does check a lot of the boxes that some fans are asking for in a rebrand. It keeps the Burgundy and Gold color scheme, pays homage to the military history in the DMV area and includes a logo that is rather intimidating. If fans are looking for something simple that ties in roots to D.C., this is a solid choice.


And yes, if you're wondering, the Harlem Globetrotters have already stated that they will relinquish the naming rights to their rival if Washington wanted to use the moniker. For the football team, they'll hope they have a little more success in the win column if they go this route.

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