Mayhew believes Logan Thomas has more potential to unlock


Logan Thomas was really damn good in 2020 for the Washington Football Team and not enough people have talked about it. Ready to change that? Let's change that.

Before his debut campaign with the Burgundy and Gold, the converted tight end's career-high in the catch department was 16. That averages out to one reception per contest, which is math that even JP Finlay can do.

Then last year happened, and now, that number resides at a casual 72. Hell, the guy had 13 grabs against the Steelers in four quarters, almost topping his entire 2019 performance in one night!

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So, clearly, Thomas was a steal in free agency and he made enormous personal strides in Washington's offense. But one of his bosses believes there's even more room for him to grow.

While he was at Virginia Tech's Pro Day last week, new general manager Martin Mayhew stopped for an interview where he discussed some of the ex-Hokies that are currently on his roster. The full discussion, which didn't run all that long, can be found here, but the most standout comment was this one, from Mayhew on Thomas.

"There's even more upside right now in his game," Mayhew said.

Per the executive, Thomas' position coach, Pete Hoener, did an "incredible job" with the veteran in 2020. That is something that Ron Rivera spoke to as well throughout the season.


Even so, Mayhew thinks Thomas can get "even better as a blocker" in order to become a more complete player. Plus, if Mayhew and the front office can find another threat in the draft for Thomas to work with, that would certainly benefit the 29-year-old as he attempts to back up his phenomenal year. 

Mayhew also touched on the secondary, where Virginia Tech defensive backs Greg Stroman and Kendall Fuller earn their paychecks. And as it turns out, the GM is awfully familiar with the latter's family already.

"Kendall Fuller is actually my third Fuller that I've worked with," Mayhew said. "We had Vince Fuller in Detroit, we had his brother, Corey, as a receiver I drafted in the fifth round and now I'm working with Kendall. So one more Fuller to go."

Unfortunately for Mayhew, Kendall's other brother, Kyle, just agreed to terms with the Broncos on a deal. Fortunately for him, though, that deal is just for one season. Perhaps Mayhew can complete the four-piece in 12 months?