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'Washington Guardians' concept gets upgrade with sleek uniform design

Football Team

Think the name designs and concepts were going to stop now that the 2020 NFL season is getting into full swing? Think again.

Just because the Washington Football Team has turned its attention to the upcoming campaign doesn't mean fans are slowing down with suggestions for the next permanent moniker for the franchise. While the Red Wolves, Redtails and others have become popular on social media, the Washington Guardians' name is gaining a little steam as more details about a potential design emerge.

Recently, two Instagram accounts -- @JasonThomasartwork and @dcsportsxp --  teamed up to share some of their favorite designs. That included two logos and helmet mockups for the Washington Guardians. With a sleek, yet strong log, couple with helmets that mimicked those that ancient soldiers wore, the entire idea looks to be a solid option for the team.


Now, a jersey design has been included, and it brings the entire design to a new level.



The jersey itself is rather simple, but sometimes that is the way to go. The Burgundy and Gold scheme remains and it plays off what the team has worn in the past. The star of the uniform, however, is the pants. It adds the wings on the side to match the helmet, and the silver is a new and solid look. Though silver typically isn't in Washington's concepts, the way it matches with the top really works.


It may not have the following of other suggestions, but the Washington Guardians idea has all the pieces to be a successful brand. If the design keeps trending in the direction it has been, fans can expect some impressive alternate uniforms to appear rather soon.