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Washington 'had to get a dub' in the white-on-white jerseys

Football Team

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, the Washington Football Team knew they needed to show out. Why? Well, part of it was due to the team's standing in the NFC East race, as an upset could do wonders for the postseason chances. Doing it against an undefeated squad also gave the group a chance to make a statement.

But, in addition, the players knew they needed to ball out based on the threads they were wearing as they took the field. 

“Aye man, sweet, we had to get a dub in that white-on-white man," Washington wide receiver Cam Sims said. "That was a must."

I love them jerseys and the pants," Sims said. "The white on white combination, I loved it.”

Washington brought back the all-white look on Monday for the first time since 2009. It was a combination that fans and players alike have clamored for consistently. 

Sims certainly did his part in making that statement come true. The third-year pass-catcher hauled in five passes for 92 yards, including a crucial one-handed grab that helped Washington eventually take a lead late in the fourth quarter. In arguably the best game of his career, he did it in his favorite uniform.

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins chimed in postgame as well, furthering the importance of the look. To him, the white-on-white may be a symbol of fortune for Washington moving forward.

The hype for the all-white look was big, and it delivered in its return to action. Based on the result -- and the universal love for the jersey and pants -- it may be hard for Washington to put them away for an extended period of time once again.