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Washington helped Cleveland do something they haven't in years

Football Team

Thanks to their victory over the Washington Football Team, the Browns are now over .500 for the 2020 season.

For many NFL franchises, being over .500 is a regular occurrence, and for most, it's at least a semi-regular occurrence.

For Cleveland, however, it's a mark they hadn't reached since 2019.

Oh, wait, sorry; 2018.

Oh, wait, sorry; 2017.

Oh, wait, sorry; 2016.

Oh, wait, sorry; 2015.

Oh, wait, sorry; 2014.

Yep, that's the one; 2014.

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Through 14 weeks of that campaign, the Browns had cultivated a 7-6 record. They lost the next time out, though, and they hadn't gotten their heads above the barrier since.

That's now no longer true, as they forced Dwayne Haskins into four turnovers, continued their impressive rushing attack and topped the Burgundy and Gold by two touchdowns on Sunday.

"We have to start changing history here and our legacies right now," Myles Garrett said postgame. "This is the opportunity to do it."

So, either Garrett and his teammates do create their legacies beginning with this result, or the organization won't feel this kind of joy again until roughly 2026. With the Browns, both outcomes feel very possible.