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'Washington Metros' name suggestion earns major disapproval from Twitter

Football Team

The Washington Football Team is currently taking fan suggestions for the next permanent name of the franchise as a way to gauge what the population of supporters prefer.

One of the newest ideas --Washington Metros -- is a name that is probably not going to win over a large faction based on the reactions from Twitter. The name was suggested by Theresa, and her explanation as to why the moniker fits is actually quite impressive.

"I think the Metros would be a good name. Washington DC is known for its subway system, and calling the team the Metros also brings up the idea of speed, travel, diversity and connection," Theresa said. "Draw the fans together and connect them to each other in the same way as the Metro does in DC."

The metaphor for the transportation system and its ability to connect people to one another is exactly what the Washington Football Team is looking to do with its new name. Its local connection to the area is also an added bonus. While Theresa may be on to something, Twitter did not agree.

From disapproving GIFs to a conspiracy theory that Theresa's New Jersey residency meant she was secretly sabotaging the team, users were not on board with the Washington Metros.

So it looks like Washington Metros won't be the next name in Washington, but much like the Washington Rexes idea, Theresa gets points for creativity.