Washington offense looked 'better, not to be confused with good'


The Washington Football Team's offensive performance Week 6 against the Giants looked light years ahead of the same group's performance Week 5 against the Rams. 

In Week 6, Washington rolled up 337 total yards with 24 first downs. 

In Week 5, Washington finished with 108 total yards and 10 first downs.

Obviously, the differences are stark, but for offensive coordinator Scott Turner the numbers still aren't where the team needs to be. 

"I think we’re headed in the right direction. It’s better, not to be confused with good, and we have to get better starting with myself and the coaches and everything," Turner said Wednesday.

He's right - Washington's offense was better against the Giants, but still not good.

A pair of turnovers from quarterback Kyle Allen basically crushed Washington's chances for a win, and the team only mustered 19 points despite the Giants giving up 25 per-game. 

Allen knows he needs to be better, but for Turner, it's about the young quarterback not taking on so much risk. 

"Kyle, he’s a fighter and he’s a competitor. But at some point, you’ve got to know when to say when," Turner said. "Obviously, you’re pointing out the turnovers. A lot of that has to do with decision making."

Can the decision making improve?

That depends. 

The numbers suggest turnovers will continue with Allen at quarterback. In 15 career starts he's turned it over 31 times - counting interceptions and fumbles lost - which works out to about two turnovers-per-game. So his performance in New York was totally normal in that regard. 


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For Allen, however, he believes he can be smarter with the football.

"I expect to be able to make those plays without the critical mistakes," Allen said. "I just feel like I let the guys down a little bit. Obviously, interceptions, they’re going to happen. Fumbles are going to happen. But I expect more out of myself."

The bottom line for the Washington offense is quite ugly. 

Through six games the team ranks 30th in points scored and 31st in yards gained. There's only 32 teams. 

Sure, there are lots of extenuating circumstances. Young team with no offseason, injuries, deficiencies at wideout and tight end, lack of running game, a quarterback switch after four games. 

There's plenty of reasons for the struggles, but at the same time, it's impossible not to notice the difference from Week 5 to Week 6.

"I feel like we’re working in the right direction. The energy and enthusiasm that these guys come to work with every day is outstanding," Turner said, looking ahead to this weekend's matchup against Dallas. 

Energy and enthusiasm are wonderful, but they don't win games alone. Execution and talent play a large role. 

It's obvious Washington isn't the most talented offense, but if mistakes continue, that will bury this team. 

Allen knows it. And wants to fix it. 

"I know it sucks we’ve lost a bunch in a row. It sucks. Nobody wants to be a part of that," the third-year QB said. "But, when you step back and look at it, we’re one game out of first place."

Losers of five straight, Washington gets to face their rival this weekend with first place in the division on the line. 

Does the division stink? Absolutely.

Does that matter? Not to the Washington coaches and players. 

They played better in New York, but they know it's still nowhere close to good. The Cowboys defense is as bad or worse as the Washington offense, so Sunday at FedEx Field presents a real opportunity. For somebody.