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These Air Force uniforms show what Washington Red Tails could look like

Football Team

Ever since the Washington Football Team decided to retire its old name and logo in July, many have wondered what the team's next moniker would be.

While we are still several months away from finding that out, that hasn't stopped fans from sharing their favorite name ideas.

One of the most popular ideas to replace the name has been 'Red Tails,' as it is not too much of a variation from the former name but also has a strong connection to the military, something Ron Rivera is on the record saying he wants in the team's new mascot.

Well, if Red Tails does become the team's new name, there's a prototype for what the uniforms might be. On Monday, Air Force announced that they would be sporting a Red Tails-themed uniform for their Oct. 3 clash with Navy, and the design is incredible.

Take a look:

Should Washington end up becoming the Red Tails, their uniforms would look different than the design Air Force is rolling out next month.

It's been reported that the burgundy and gold color scheme would remain regardless of what Washington's new name will be. The team's temporary uniform design, what Washington is wearing in 2020, fits that narrative, too.