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Washington will face Bills in 2021 as part of 17-game schedule

Football Team

The Washington Football Team's 2021 schedule has just gotten harder.

The NFL officially announced the expansion to a 17-game regular-season schedule in 2021, and Washington's extra matchup next season is a road date with the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo, of course, is coming off one of its best seasons in recent memory, one that finished with a 13-3 regular-season record and an AFC Conference Championship appearance. After adding Emmanuel Sanders and retaining Levi Wallace and Matt Milano in free agency, Buffalo should be even better in 2021.

The game will also be held in Buffalo, too, as each AFC team will be host nine games in 2021 in the first year of the 17-game schedule. All 16 NFC teams will host the extra game in 2022 and the two conferences will alternate each year as to which gets the extra home contest.

For 2021, the NFC East was paired with the AFC East as the division it will play its extra game against. Since both Washington and Buffalo finished first in their respective divisions in 2020, the two teams will match up with one another next season. 

By winning the NFC East last season, Washington will play the 'first-place schedule' in 2021, meaning matchups against the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, winners of their respective NFC divisions last season.

Washington will also play the entire NFC South and AFC West divisions, as well as its typical six NFC East division games. You can see the Burgundy and Gold's full opponents for the 2021 season here. The 2021 schedule is expected to be released in mid-May.