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Washington win and Eagles loss inches team close to NFC East lead

Football Team

As the NFC East continues to be anyone's game, the Washington Football Team stayed in the race on Sunday, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 20-9.

The division-leading Philadelphia Eagles, however, did not help their cause. Falling to the Cleveland Browns 22-17, the Eagles' second-straight loss has once again cracked the door open even further for Washington and others.

Philadelphia (3-6-1) will remain in first place despite both teams having the same number of wins, as their tie earlier in the season against the Bengals has come back to help, rather than haunt them. Still, with Washington at 3-7, the Burgundy and Gold are just a half-game out of first place. 

The New York Giants, who had a bye in Week 11, are in the same position as Washington but are ahead of them in the standings due to them owning the head-to-head tiebreaker on the season.

With six games remaining for each team, the NFC East is far from being determined. Even the 2-7 Dallas Cowboys can hop right back into the picture by picking up a win over the Vikings on Sunday.

Should Dallas lose, and Washington picks up a win against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, the team could find itself alone in first place for at least a few days. That's something that hasn't seemed real for most of the year. 

Looking at Washington, Philadelphia and New York's schedules for the rest of the season, Washington may have a slight advantage on paper. Though games against the Seahawks and Steelers remain, Washington will also get to match up with the Cowboys, Eagles as well as the 49ers and Panthers, who are both dealing with injuries.


Philadelphia, on the other hand, still has Seattle, Arizona, Green Bay and New Orleans on the schedule while the Giants must face the Browns, Seahawks and Cardinals.

That all favors Washington, but if one this has been clear in 2020, the NFC East is unpredictable. Entering Week 11, Washington's odds to win the division dropped from second-best to worst. Following Sunday's results, that may change once again.