Washington Football Team President Jason Wright is longing to have fans back at FedEx Field, but he's not going to let that force him into making any unsafe decisions. 

In his Weekly Brief blog on the organization's website — could you imagine Bruce Allen having a Weekly Brief blog, by the way? The answer is no, you cannot — Wright acknowledged that he is often asking himself and other leaders in the franchise, "Why not us?" when he sees a few of his fellow franchises allowing people to watch their games in the stands.

"It's important to strengthen the connection between the fans and the club wherever we can, and nothing does that quite like being together in the stadium, taking on the opponent together," he wrote. "Consequently, I am eager for in-person viewing to return, just like you."

However, public safety remains Wright's top priority, which is why FedEx Field will stay empty for the time being.

In the post, Wright identified a few factors that remain obstacles for live attendance at Washington's home. Among them, he noted that past sports gatherings in Europe contributed to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy, that data from the first few weeks of fans going to matchups in places like Kansas City and Dallas is still being compiled and that Prince George's County's guidelines still enforce a 250-person limit on outdoor get-togethers.

"We love our fans and love being together as a family on gameday," Wright concluded. "But that love also compels us to prioritize the health of each and every person who supports this club, and the communities they live in, above all else."


A lot of this is outside, and in some cases this is way outside, of Wright's control. Regardless, it's encouraging to hear that he's doing everything he can to keep the possibility of crowds making their way back to FedEx Field open. He has a pulse of what Washington supporters value, and that's huge.