Washington's Curl learning from Collins, secondary unit


Entering his sophomore season Washington safety Kam Curl is benefitting greatly from a secondary group that boasts 21 years of collective experience across five NFL franchises.

That group includes fellow safeties Landon Collins and Bobby McCain, and cornerbacks William Jackson III and Kendall Fuller.

That's quite a quartet to watch and mirror. 

"It's great. I like it because it's a good learning experience, it's a good place to learn from all them," Curl told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay on the latest Washington Football Talk podcast. "Guys that played at different organizations that played against all these different quarterbacks, all you can do is take tip from tip like the dots, just learning from them every day. Just taking little bits of that and stacking it up every day."

Collins spent his first four NFL seasons with the Giants, earning Pro Bowl selections in the last three, before switching NFC East teams ahead of the 2019 season. McCain, who signed with the Burgundy and Gold in free agency, spent his first six seasons with the Dolphins. Jackson played his first four seasons with Washington's next preseason opponent in the Bengals, and Fuller played the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons with the Chiefs before returning to Washington last season. 

That's a whole lot of variety in terms of the scouting reports studied and coaching consumed by those four. Accordingly, Curl has turned himself into quite the sponge. 


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Entering his second NFL season, expectations have risen for Curl. A versatile safety who's been all over the place in defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio's defense during training camp this summer, Curl is looking to do his part to make sure the secondary is as buttoned up as possible behind one of the NFL's most formidable front seven. 

After finishing his rookie campaign with 88 total tackles, three interceptions and two sacks, Curl is motivated alongside Washington's No. 26. 

"That's the guy whose highlights I used to watch in high school and college," Curl said of Collins. "So being out there with him and feeding off of how he plays, you know he's gonna be out there communicating, so that's gonna help me communicate too. So just being out there and trying not to let him down. I'm trying to be on the same field as him so I've got to be up to his level."

Curl said Washington's fifth-round draftee Darrick Forrest, a safety out of Cincinnati, has sought advice from Curl during practices. Putting the team first, Curl has done what he can to help Forrest get better. 

"As many great players as we can get in that secondary room it's only gonna be better," he said.