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Washington's new executives impressed with both Smith, Heinicke

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On Wednesday, the Washington Football Team formally introduced new general manager Martin Mayhew and new Executive Vice President of football/player personnel Marty Hurney.

Though their time in Washington is young, there is already plenty of major tasks for them to tackle. That includes evaluating the question mark at the quarterback position. There are a lot of names out there -- in free agency, trades and the draft -- to examine, but so far, a few in-house names have impressed.

Even before they came to Washington, both were aware of what Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke did for the team in 2020.

“Very impressed with what Alex Smith did last year, you know being 5-1 and all that," Mayhew said.

“I think it was remarkable what Alex was able to do last year, there’s going to be probably, there should be a book, there should be a movie. I watched that '60 Minutes' thing and I haven’t seen anything like that before," Mayhew said. "So he should be the comeback player this year. What he did was really incredible and I have great respect for that.”

“Extremely impressed with the way Alex Smith played last year, the way Taylor Heinicke came in in a playoff game," Hurney added.

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What Smith and Heinicke brought to Washington can't be understated. Smith's resilience was impressive on his own, and his 5-1 record was key in Washington making the playoffs. As for Heinicke, all he did was jump into the starting position for the NFC Wild Card game and nearly lead the team to a victory.

With the mark they left, both will be a part of the evaluation process that Mayhew and Hurney are set to begin. Whether or not they are in the future plans is yet to be known at this time given all the variables in play.

“It’s gonna take us much longer than the week-and-a-half we’ve been here," Hurney said.

Outside of Washington are numerous names that could be a part of the search for a new starting quarterback, making it unclear what direction the franchise will go in. But for their part, Smith and Heinicke made a good first impression on the new administration with their play in 2020.