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Washington's NFC East odds drop to last following Week 10 loss

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In what's been a poor showing for the NFC East all season, Washington's Week 10 loss to the Detroit Lions has not eliminated them from contending for the division title. Despite Sunday's loss dropping them to 2-7 on the season, Washington is still in the thick of things, trailing the 3-5-1 division-leading Philadelphia Eagles.

Still, the most recent result will definitely make things more difficult. Washington's heartbreaking defeat coincided with the New York Giants taking down the Eagles, winning their second straight contest and jumping into second place at 3-7. According to PointsBet, those two events greatly lowered Washington's chances of reaching the playoffs.

The team entered the week with the second-best odds at a division title (+600) but finished Sunday with the lowest odds (+750).


Even with the loss, the Eagles still have the best odds to win the NFC East, while both the Giants and Dallas jumped ahead of Washington. New York was the clear winner of the week, moving from +1000 to +300.

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The Giants appear to be the team trending in the best direction as Week 11 approaches, but the division really still could be anyones for the taking, including Washington. Losing both games to the Giants doesn't help their tiebreaker chances, but remaining contests against the Cowboys and Eagles, as well as a winnable matchup with the Bengals, gives them an opportunity to remain in the hunt.


Philadelphia still has games against the Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Browns and Cardinals on the schedule while the Giants will also face Cleveland, Seattle and Arizona in addition to taking on the Ravens. Dallas remains in play as well, though that group appears to be free-falling with no answer at quarterback.

With all four teams failing to separate themselves from the pack, the division champion is a long way from being crowned. Though Washington's odds took a big hit based on Week 10, the results of Week 11 could very well create another momentum shift given the ever-changing dynamic of the group.  PointsBet is NBC Sports Official Sports Betting Partner, and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links.