WATCH: All 8 sacks as Washington Football Team pummeled Carson Wentz


Carson Wentz walked into FedEx Field on Sunday morning feeling ready for the 2020 season, but by the time he left, the Eagles quarterback had to be hurting.

The Washington Football Team abused Wentz, sacking him eight times and hitting the passer countless others.

Ryan Kerrigan led the way with two sacks, and in the process broke the team's all-time franchise sack record. Kerrigan's second sack was a true manifestation of brute force, erotica for defensive line coaches. 

There was also the debut of rookie Chase Young, who was an absolute game-wrecker. He logged 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble, and had another absolutely devastating hit on Wentz that forced a pop-up throw which would have been an interception, except it was nullified by a penalty. 

Enough from me. Watch the videos. It's okay to drool.