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OSU alums Haskins, Young, McLaurin flash O-H in Ohio homecoming

Football Team

Three of the most important players on the Washington Football Team -- Dwayne Haskins, Chase Young, and Terry McLaurin -- are all alumni of the Ohio State University.

So, when Washington made the trip to Cleveland, just two hours north of Columbus, for the team's Week 3 matchup with the Browns, the Burgundy and Gold's Buckeye trio made sure to interact with the Ohio State faithful in attendance.

Young and Haskins threw up the O-H, the first half of the Buckeye's O-H-I-O homecoming chant that rings in the Horseshoe during Saturdays in the fall, while McLaurin did the entire war cry.

Cleveland is one of the few teams that are allowing fans in attendance, as 6,000 spectators will be allowed in attendance.

Earlier this week, McLaurin was asked what it meant to him returning to Ohio for the first time as an NFL player. The second-year wideout downplayed that Sunday was any sort of "homecoming" for him.

"Going back to back to Ohio, Ohio is pretty tradition-rich in football," McLaurin said. "But I don't want to make it necessarily about going back to Ohio and playing at Ohio State. It's just more so trying to get another football game under our belt and get a win."

While the Browns fans in attendance certainly loved the O-H gesture from Washington's three Ohio State alumni, they also hope that's the final time they cheer for the trio wearing white uniforms today.