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WATCH: Haskins throws on the run with Young closing fast

Football Team

It's rare you see a play during your favorite team's practice that makes you feel good about both the offense and defense. 

If the No. 1 defense makes a great play, awesome. But there was probably a mistake on the other side that quickly bums you out before you can get too excited. 

What if I told you there was a play at Washington Football Team practice that will actually have you excited about both sides of the ball? 

It all starts with Dwayne Haskins taking a bootleg out to the right and completing an impressive throw on the run into a tight window. All the while, Washington rookie Chase Young is closing in on him with rare speed. 

Young didn't get all the way home, but that's okay. That kind of play is designed by the offense to get the quarterback out of the pocket so he has a clean window to deliver a pass to his receiver. The fact that Young even got close is impressive in itself. 

So just imagine what the rookie will be able to do when a quarterback is trying to escape the pocket when the play isn't designed for him to and Young isn't operating where the opposing offense has a head start to the perimeter. 

I have a feeling it'll result in more than a few sacks.