WATCH: Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey throw punches after Giants loss to LA


Next week the Washington Football team plays the Rams, and the following week Washington plays the Giants.

Well, on Sunday, the Rams played the Giants and the game ended with a brawl at midfield. It's believed the two men that started it all were Los Angeles cornerback Jalen Ramsey and New York wide receiver Golden Tate.

The fight doesn't seem to be a surprise for most people involved as NBC Sport's ProFootballTalk explained: "The history between the two players is deeply personal: Ramsey fathered two children with Tate’s sister, and after they broke up, Tate implied in a social media post that he and Ramsey may throw down when they see each other."

This big hit from Ramsey might not have helped either:

How is this relevant to Washington?

To start, it's possible Ramsey gets suspended next week if the NFL can prove he threw a punch. And it definitely helps that Los Angeles beat New York, dropping the Giants record to 0-4.