Watch NFL stars totally rave about Chase Young


A year after having a seriously depressing zero players appear on the NFL Network's Top 100, Washington will have at least one of its young stars represent the franchise on the 2021 edition of the annual list in Chase Young.

And judging by some of the comments that Young's contemporaries share in this video, which NFL Films posted on Tuesday to tease the entire production, Young could find himself in a very prime position in the rankings.

The first of Young's peers to appear in the segment is Panthers wideout Robby Anderson, who witnessed Young force a fumble as well as an interception when Carolina visited FedEx Field late last season. Anderson's take on the former second overall pick was a very simple one.

"Definitely respect him," Anderson said.

Next up is Young's fellow Football Teamer, Terry McLaurin. McLaurin reflects on Young's ridiculous scoop-and-score against the 49ers, a sequence that was stunning, even for a guy who's used to Young pulling off stunning feats.

"My teammates, a lot of them were shocked by some of the things they were seeing by Chase over the year, but I've known him since Ohio State, so nothing really shocked me up until that point," McLaurin began in the video. "That was crazy. He's just scratching the surface."

Then comes Trent Williams, who was a part of that same Washington-San Francisco matchup and who's already a little shook at the thought of a more developed No. 99 in the future.


"I feel like Chase is going to be a nightmare, man," Williams told NFL Films. "Just to see how advanced he is as a rookie. For an offensive tackle, you kinda — ain't gonna say 'nervous' — but next year, he's gonna be a totally different animal."

Anyone tired of this praise yet? Nope? Cool, let's proceed.

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham was also in awe of Young's early impact, and like Williams, he's anxious to see what Young grows into.

"Man, that boy is going to be a superstar," Graham said. "He's looking like a monster out there."

Respected, longtime tackle Andrew Whitworth, who directly dealt with Young when the Rams intersected with Washington in October of 2020, believes Young has "all the abilities" to thrive as a pro. The next step, according to the veteran, is for Young to use his gifts when his squad most needs him to.

"You look at an Aaron Donald, you look at a Khalil Mack, in the situations of games where they're just needed to make a play, they go do something special," Whitworth explained. "I think he's got the ability and the talent that he'll be a guy like that very soon."

Lastly, Williams returns for one last parting remark, one that will make the wait for Young's second year all the more difficult.

"He's one of those transcendent talents that comes around every blue moon," Williams said. "He's a Hall of Fame player just unfolding before our eyes."