Watch McLaurin catch 133-yd cannon pass for ‘Got Milk?’


We’ve heard people say certain quarterbacks have a ‘cannon for an arm,’ but this is next-level. Washington Football Team wide receiver Terry McLaurin made history this week by catching a football that was shot 133 yards out of a literal cannon. Take a look:

The celebration and enthusiasm at the end there really make the video.

McLaurin made the catch as part of his new partnership with the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign. He is officially on the #TeamMilk train that has partnered over the years with hundreds of other athletes, such as Tom Brady, Carmelo Anthony, and Cal Ripken Jr.

“They reached out to my people and they provided a unique opportunity for me to partner with them…and I told them, ‘To be honest, I didn’t really like milk growing up,’” McLaurin said in an interview with NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay this week. “As I got older I really started to learn—especially as I got further and further in my athletic career—I started to learn the benefits of chocolate milk, especially for the recovery process and what it does for your muscles…When I got in contact with them, it was a unique opportunity, and then they just allowed me to be myself.”

This begs the question, was Terry McLaurin a kid who bought the pre-packaged chocolate milk, or did he enjoy mixing the Hershey’s chocolate syrup into the milk himself?


“When I was younger, my mom to get me to drink it more, she bought the syrup so I did the syrup, but as I kinda grew older, I just got the straight [packaged] chocolate milk. Today, I just drink the straight chocolate milk and I’m good to go.”