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Davis warned Haskins about staring down targets in camp

Football Team

Was he staring at his targets or was he not staring at his targets? That's just the latest debate that's now surrounding Dwayne Haskins.

In Washington's two-touchdown loss to Cleveland on Sunday, Haskins tossed three interceptions, each more disappointing than the one before it. And to some, the reason for those turnovers was clear: The quarterback locked in to whom he was throwing to, which made it easy for the Browns defenders to step in front of his passes.

That's how Ron Rivera saw it, he told the media on Monday after reviewing the tape. That's also how ex-QB Jason Campbell saw it, he explained on NBC Sports Washington's Postgame Live.

Haskins himself, on the other hand, denied that line of thinking in his own Sunday presser.

Whether he did or not in those particular instances, giving away reads by being too obvious with the eyes is a typical mistake for young passers in the NFL. And as it turns out, it's one that Thomas Davis warned Haskins about back in Ashburn at training camp.

Check out this conversation the experienced (and then-mic'd up) linebacker had with No. 7, as captured by Mitch Tischler:

"On that little crossing route that I got, I was ready to try and jump it," Davis informed a coach on the sideline following a rep against Haskins and the offense. "I'm sitting there waiting, like, 'He's not about to throw this ball.' And I thought about jumping it, but I'm like, 'If I jump this and then we collide, he's going to be hurt.'"


"Hey, you better stop staring, because I'm putting bro to sleep on that route," Davis later told Haskins in a one-on-one exchange. "Don't throw that, because [the receiver] would've been asleep."

Now, one conversation about being better with his vision isn't going to be enough to completely correct that area for Haskins. So, even though the back-and-forth between Davis and Haskins happened in the summer, it's not like he was going to be perfect in the fall because of it.

However, if Haskins continues to struggle with the same errors such as this one, Ron Rivera isn't going to tolerate it. Patience with a developing signal caller can only last so long, after all, even for a franchise that's rebuilding like Washington is.