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Watch Jason Wright surprise an aspiring 8-year-old sports broadcaster

Football Team

George Johnston is only eight years old, but has already nabbed an interview with one of the biggest names in D.C. sports: Washington Football Team president Jason Wright.

The third-grader is a massive Washington sports fan and an aspiring sports broadcaster. Johnston has taken his fandom and career hopes to the next level with his own YouTube channel: G4 Sports Talk! NBC4’s Molette Green recently caught up with Johnston to discuss the young man’s aspirations, and he got quite the amazing surprise.

Unbeknownst to Johnston, NBC4 had contacted Jason Wright to inquire about being interviewed for the piece, and the team president agreed. It was all a complete surprise to the young reporter, and when Wright hopped on the Zoom call, Johnston had a precious reaction. Here’s the full interview:

“It’s Mr. Jason Wright!” Johnston said ecstatically. “I’m so amazed… I wanna cry right now.” But Johnston didn’t let his shock distract him from the task at hand: the interview! He already had enough knowledge about the Washington Football Team and Wright specifically to conduct a thorough sit-down. “Mr. Wright, it’s been eight months into your role at the team. So, what are your future plans for the Washington Football Team?” Johnston asked almost immediately.


Although Johnston is only eight, his potential is sky-high. Keep an eye out for him 10 years from now when he enters the sports media industry!

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