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Why Ron Rivera chose to go for two in New York on Sunday

Football Team

Ron Rivera tried to captain his Riverboat on Sunday in Washington's game against New York.

But the vessel didn't quite make it to port. 

After Kyle Allen launched a gorgeous pass to Cam Sims to move his team within one point of the Giants with less than a minute to go in the fourth quarter, Rivera opted to keep his offense out on the field to try and end things right then and there.

The gutsy call led to gut-wrenching pain, though, as Allen couldn't find a receiver as he rolled left. He eventually tossed an incomplete pass just as he was getting hit.

Afterward, Rivera explained his thinking behind taking the aggressive route instead of the safe one.

"We played to win at the end," he said. "The only way you learn to win is to play to win."

"The intent is to learn how to win football games," he added later when asked if he ever considered merely kicking the extra point and heading to overtime.

A lot of Rivera's decisions so far in his tenure with Washington — both in-game calls and big-picture choices — have been called into question. Aside from his benching of Dwayne Haskins, this one will be questioned the most.


"It'll eat at me," Rivera admitted. "It pisses me off. I want to win football games."

One thing that can't be questioned, however, is the awful, awful record of the Burgundy and Gold.


Rivera had been claiming heading into Week 6 that his squad was still in the playoff mix. Now that they're 1-5 and at the bottom of the NFC East, which is at the bottom of the NFL, that's going to be a difficult stance to maintain.