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Schweitzer explains why spiking footballs gives him so much joy

Football Team

Wes Schweitzer has zero touchdowns for the Washington Football Team in 2020, but if you look at pictures of him in the Burgundy and Gold, you'd think he was actually their leading scorer.

That's because Schweitzer, who's done a very nice job at left guard since becoming a regular starter in Week 3, is a connoisseur when it comes to spiking footballs. He may not be at Rob Gronkowski's level yet, but damn it, he's close. 

NBC Sports Washington first noticed Schweitzer's love for the post-touchdown act back when he signed with Washington in March, and it's something he's brought from the Falcons to his new home in the NFC East.

Seriously, look at this dude's commitment:

USA TODAY Sports © Joe Camporeale
USA TODAY Sports © Brad Mills
USA TODAY Sports © Brad Mills

And finally, on Thursday, the offensive lineman got the chance to discuss his go-to move.

"We work so hard at practice," Schweitzer said. "You have a 13-play drive, and it's the one thing you get to do to celebrate. So every chance I get, I like to take that opportunity."

Most of the time, No. 71 will deliver a traditional spike. But as he showed on at least one TD earlier this season at FedEx Field, he'll add some flair by subtly spinning the pigskin on his hand, almost like he's a Harlem Globetrotter.

When asked how he decides when it's time to put some extra sauce on the thing, Schweitzer came up with a simple response.

"If you're feeling it, you just go for it," he said.


Considering how well he's playing and the fact that he figures to be under contract for another two campaigns in Washington, there should be plenty more Schweitzer Smashes in the future. This quote from the veteran definitely confirms that, too.

"If I see the ball on the ground," he said, "I'll give it a good spike."

That's a motto we could all live by.