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What are the chances RGIII takes the field against Washington Sunday?

Football Team

The Baltimore quarterback that the Washington Football Team is completely occupied with this week is Lamar Jackson. Stopping him needs to be everyone's first thought in the morning, last thought in the evening and also take up a lot of thoughts in between.

If the Burgundy and Gold are unable to contain Jackson, though, and he has one of his signature, all-around, spectacular outings, then there's a slight chance they could see another Ravens signal caller on Sunday. And that one would be very familiar to the franchise, even if he only has a few ties left to the current roster.

Robert Griffin III — yes, it's 2020 and this website is still writing about him. You'll be OK — has been active all year as Jackson's backup. For a No. 2 option behind such a renowned star, he actually gets a decent amount of run, too.

In 2019, Griffin came in for late action in five Ravens blowouts, relieving Jackson and taking a handful of snaps in those victories when the score was already well out of hand (he also started in the finale, while the MVP rested for the playoffs). He did that again in their opener this campaign, when the AFC North power embarrassed the Browns by 32.

So, just by doing some simple math, RGIII has appeared to finish where Jackson left off on six occasions in Baltimore's last 19 regular-season affairs. That's almost a third of their games during that span.

Sure, there's the possibility that Griffin faces Washington in Week 4 by virtue of participating in some sort of creative offensive package. They have used him, albeit very, very rarely, in a non-QB capacity since he joined the organization in 2018. 


However, the more likely avenue is that he steps onto the FedEx Field grass for the first time in quite some time because his team is well ahead of the hosts. With the Ravens — and Jackson in particular — coming off of a rough loss on national TV and Washington mired in a two-game losing streak, there's a group who believes a blowout could be coming.

Again, Ron Rivera, Jack Del Rio and Washington's defense isn't spending much, if any, of their preparation focused on Griffin. Anything that keeps them from gearing up for Jackson is a waste.

But for those who are devoted to the Washington Football Team, it's a somewhat fascinating hypothetical. Should things go sideways in the meeting, then they could go really sideways if Griffin finds his way into the lineup and finally takes a meaningful snap in that stadium he once, and briefly, ruled.