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What Logan Thomas thinks WFT can improve against Giants

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By the time the Washington Football Team takes on the New York Giants on Thursday, it will have been 1,057 days since WFT beat its NFC East rivals. Ever since Oct. 28, 2018 — a Week 8 battle in which Adrian Peterson and Josh Doctson were Washington’s best offensive performers — the Giants have had their way against the Burgundy & Gold.

Both squads are obviously entirely different entities than what they were three years ago. WFT tight end Logan Thomas believes the home side could pull out a decisive victory, if it can improve certain areas of the offensive game.

“For us last year, we turned the ball over seven times. You can’t win with seven turnovers. So if we don’t do that, we have a whole lot better chance to win,” Thomas told Washington Football Team Insider JP Finlay in an interview airing Thursday on Washington Football Kickoff Live. The show starts 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington ahead of the team's game against the Giants.

Indeed, Washington conceded seven turnovers over the two losses to the Giants in 2020. Head coach Ron Rivera echoed the sentiment that keeping control of the ball would be crucial in stopping a Daniel Jones-led New York offense. Thomas also believes that New York can be unforgiving on the defensive end of the field.


“They do a good job of keeping you out of the end zone. They’ll let you drive it down the field, but when you get down there, they limit you to three [points], a turnover, a takeaway or something like that,” Thomas said.

The difference between scoring a touchdown and a field goal against the Giants has already shown to be an immense factor in the outcome of games—Washington lost both contests against New York last season by a combined four points. It won’t be made easier by the fact that WFT has just four days to prepare for a Thursday night game vs. NYG.

“I think we’re approaching it the right way. Mentally, you just gotta go into it full force. Really can’t let any time slip by because the time is what’s most important right now,” Thomas said. “Just being able to focus on the task at hand, watching your film, getting to know your plays, and understanding what their defense is gonna try to do to us.”

Time is of the essence given that WFT will have to face the daunting Buffalo Bills in Week 3. Not going into that contest 0-2 is an urgent concern for Washington, and Logan Thomas understands the value of the few days they have to prepare for the Giants.

“For us, we just can’t waste any time. Gotta use all of it to our advantage.”

See the full interview Thursday on Washington Football Kickoff Live, which starts 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington ahead of the team's game against the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football.