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What is the perfect QB room for the Washington Football Team?

Football Team

If you could build an optimal QB room from the Washington Football Team through players that are available through the draft, free agency and trade, how would you construct it?

That's exactly what the Washington Football Talk Podcast attempted to do on its latest episode. NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay, Pete Hailey, Mitch Tischler, Ethan Cadeaux and Ryan Homler sat down to do a 2021 QBX Draft, where each would get three picks to build the QB room for Washington. 

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There was one twist, however: a budget. Each participant got $7 to spend, with each quarterback commanding a certain price. The elite of the elite had a higher price than some other options. Here's a look at the list:

  • Kyle Allen $1
  • Jacoby Brissett $1
  • Teddy Bridgewater $2
  • Derek Carr $4
  • Andy Dalton $1
  • Sam Darnold $2
  • Justin Fields $4
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick $1
  • Jimmy Garoppolo $2
  • Taylor Heinicke $1
  • Mac Jones $3
  • Trey Lance $4
  • Drew Lock $2
  • Marcus Mariota $2
  • Cam Newton $2
  • Dak Prescott $5
  • Ben Roethlisberger $2
  • Alex Smith $1
  • Tua Tagovailoa $3
  • Tyrod Taylor $1
  • Mitch Trubisky $1
  • Deshaun Watson $5
  • Jameis Winston $2
  • Zach Wilson $4
  • Russell Wilson $5
  • Any other late-round QB: $1 

How each member of the draft decided to use their money was up to them. Some chose to be reasonable with the price. Paying for a $5 player would be similar to giving up a major haul for that player. Others chose to go all-in on a dream scenario for the team, and some looked for low-value upside to fill out their room.

Here's how it all shook out:

1. Homler's Room

  1. Derek Carr -$4
  2. Jacoby Brissett -$1
  3. Marcus Mariota - $1

Carr explanation: I think what Washington needs is a veteran, experienced quarterback but I don’t think giving up the price of Deshaun is worth it…you want have to give up as much. In return you’re still getting a really good quarterback. Twenty-nine right now, so plenty of good seasons left. Some quarterbacks don’t even hit their peak until then.


Brissett explanation: I’m a big fan of Brissett…I think his skillset is decent. To me he’s kind of like the perfect backup quarterback. He’s someone good to have in that room, if Derek Carr is your starter, you’re kind of good there, Brissett’s a good backup option to have if Carr goes down. He’s a veteran, he knows how to work, he’s been in a lot of good QB rooms.

Mariota explanation: I’m not as sold on him as others in terms of him coming over and being the starter…accuracy has been an issue. I’m not sure Washington has the perfect offense at this time to bring him in and be a starter. He can be an okay backup…if Washington wanted to get crazy they could use him in some running formations, out of the wildcat…That’s my quarterback room. Pretty much the Washington Raiders... I would say I was being practical. 

2. Cadeaux's Room

  1. Dak Prescott - $5
  2. Jameis Winston - $2

Prescott explanation: The reason I am taking Dak is, with Deshaun you know the only way you can get Deshaun is via trade. With Dak while the percentage might be .00001% that he hits the open market, free agency seems the most likely way he’ll come here besides a tag and trade. I’m taking Dak…could be your franchise quarterback for the next decade-plus and I’m sure he’d love to stick it to his old team that refused to pay him for two-plus years now.

Winston explanation: Sure the 30 interceptions for two years ago stand out like none other, but he also threw for 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. You don’t have quarterbacks on the street that throw for 5,000 yards just readily available, let alone pretty cheap.

3. Finlay's Room

  1. Deshaun Watson -$5
  2. Taylor Heinicke -$1
  3. Kyle Trask -$1

Watson explanation: Deshaun. 25, threw for 5,000 yards last year. He’s under contract, I know the price tag is high…two ones, a second, a third, Gibson, Montez Sweat. Go get the quarterback. Star quarterbacks don’t become available…I will sit in the third spot and spend my five dollars on Deshaun Watson, happily.

Heinicke explanation: I think a lot of people in the NFL think Heinicke is the perfect backup quarterback. Deshaun’s missed some time, I like it. Heinicke for a dollar, I can still pick maybe a rookie or something. I’m feeling good about my room.

Trask explanation: If you have Watson you’re so obviously all-in on Watson that I’d go Watson, Heinicke, Trask.


4. Tischler's Room

  1. Russell Wilson -$5
  2. Drew Lock -$2

Wilson explanation: Man I would give up just as much to Seattle for Russ as I would to Houston for Deshaun…if Russ hits the trade market I’m going all in.

Lock explanation: I do think that he could be good, and because Russ Wilson never misses games I feel confident bringing in a guy I want to sit for a year and learn from him.

5. Hailey's room

  1. Zach Wilson -$4
  2. Sam Darnold-$2
  3. Alex Smith -$1

Wilson explanation: He seems like this year’s hot, trendy name…I think Zach Wilson just looks like a baller who fits in perfectly to 2021.

Darnold explanation: Gimme a former first rounder from a couple seasons ago for two bucks, throw him behind my current first rounder. Let’s see what happens. Better than having a bunch of veterans who are kind of bumping their heads against their ceilings.

Smith explanation: I’m locked into my starters so just need a mature adult in the room to show these young bucks how to prepare, dissect defenses, how to go about their weeks. No one better than Alex Smith.

Which room do you like the best?