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Brian Mitchell: Chase Young's impact goes far beyond sacks

Football Team

The five-and-a-half sacks Chase Young has produced in the first 12 games of his young career aren't impressive on their own. Do not judge him on numbers, though. Young's impact goes far beyond simple counting stats. 

"The fact is that he impacts the game in so many ways," NBC Sports Washington football analyst Brian Mitchell said on Kickoff Live prior to Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks. "When he comes in and everyone expects sacks, sacks, sacks, sacks. But when you're his coach and you're a player on a team playing with him you want to see what else is he going to do."

For a rookie with such high expectations to produce and perform, Young doesn't let that stop from making his presence known.

"Yes, get the sacks, sacks, sacks. But he also runs down people. He never stops. He's a guy running from one side of the field to the other to make a play," Mitchell said. "And he's a guy when he's out of it, he's still trying to get back in the play. Jumping up and getting his hands up, getting into the passing lane, he does every little thing and I think a lot of the young guys don't understand it."

"If I'm talking about sacks, then I'm not having a successful season. Chase Young tries to impact the game in all aspects of it and that's normally something you don't see rookies doing."

When Young isn't forcing and recovering fumbles for Sean Taylor-esque touchdowns, he's doing the little things like blocking passes. If he's not running across the field to save a touchdown and causing a fumble like he did against Bengals QB Joe Burrow, then he's hustling back and preventing a first down. 


If he's not disrupting the play in some way, he's certainly always drawing the attention of the offense. Triple teams like this one have been frequent his rookie season, and he's just getting started.  

Plus, when Young is loose and having this much fun before his must-win Week 15 game, then you know it's going to be a good day for him.