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Why Wentz deal only helps Washington in their QB search

Football Team

A major quarterback trade went down in the NFL on Thursday, and while Washington wasn't on either side of the transaction, they might just be a secondary winner of the move.

Finally — like, finally — the Eagles parted ways with Carson Wentz, sending him to the Colts in exchange for a third-round pick in the 2021 draft and a second-round pick in the 2022 draft that could turn into a first-rounder if Wentz plays more than 75 percent of the snaps in Indy this year.

That's a fine haul for Philly — yet it's also nowhere near the two first-round choices they were reportedly asking for early on in their Wentz-based discussions.

So, why is this all potentially beneficial to the Burgundy and Gold? 

Well, because if Wentz — who has many faults but also has an MVP-caliber season on his résumé to go along with a standout campaign in 2019 — is only netting a Day 2 selection and another Day 2 selection that has a chance to convert to something more, that should lower the bar for many of the other guys Washington could be targeting. 

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Take Sam Darnold, for example. The Jets should be prepared to recalibrate what they want in return for their signal caller, since he hasn't even put together a year that rivals a middling one from Wentz's past.


The Raiders, like the Eagles, also are apparently interested in receiving two premium pieces of draft capital for Derek Carr, should that be the path they want to embark on. Yes, Carr and Wentz are far more comparable than Darnold and Wentz (meaning Las Vegas won't have to totally redo their demands) yet if they do want to deal their starter, that might also require a little humbling on their end.

The same can be said for any other options who are lesser or equal to Wentz that may be put on the trading block as the offseason progresses. His huge contract is a unique piece of his particular puzzle, but by and large, this news will affect future news. 

Furthermore, as a small bonus, Washington will no longer have to face Wentz for a pair of dates on every schedule. With how he performed in 2020, some will argue Ron Rivera's squad would be better off the more they encounter him as opposed to not seeing him that often, but the 28-year-old was 5-3 against his division rival and posted a 17-to-6 TD-to-INT ratio in those matchups. 

In the end, maybe Washington chooses to sign or draft a QB instead of opting to trade for one, making this Wentz thing a non-factor. For now, though, it should only make their quest for a passer of their own more manageable.