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Why Cooley didn't give Haskins an 'F' vs Browns

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The reviews have not been kind to Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins after a four-turnover performance against Cleveland in Week 3, with some even calling for him to be benched. Others have preached patience though, hoping to see what the team has in the Ohio State product.

On the latest “Kevin Sheehan Show” podcast, Chris Cooley broke down the plays that defined Haskins' game against the Browns and saw some areas for him to improve, from his feet to his eyes.

“I see a guy who is struggling with some accuracy,” Cooley said. “I think he’s struggling with his footwork and his movement in the pocket. I think he continues to throw off his back foot with his hips way too open and out of awkward throwing positions, which by the way I understand his arm strength allows him the ability to do, he’s capable of getting enough on the ball out of any position, but I think that’s hurting his accuracy.”

“I think he’s predetermining No. 1 way too many times in this game, which means he’s staring down No. 1 and ultimately made some mistakes that if your reading coverage out he doesn’t make.”

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Haskins has denied staring down his receivers, still his first three interceptions of the season coming in the same game have raised some concerns. However, Cooley did take his level of experience into account when filling out a report card for No. 7.

“If you want to massively downgrade turnovers… if this is Aaron Rodgers, or if this is a quarterback that has played in the league for five years, I do, I want to massively downgrade some of these risk throw turnovers, then it’s an 'F,'” Cooley said. “If you want to say, ‘learning process, understanding things, trying to grow, getting the ball down the field a little bit, made some good throws in this game, missed some throws that we would like to have back,’ it’s a 'D' for Dwayne.”