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Takeo Spikes: Chase Young has 'only scratched the surface'

Football Team

After winning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Chase Young impressed just about everyone. That includes former All-Pro linebacker Takeo Spikes. 

"I think he's a very good football player. I don't think he's even scratched the surface of what we all hope he becomes," Spikes said on 106.7 The Fan's "BMitch and Finlay" show on Thursday. 

As a former team captain for 13 out of his 15 NFL seasons played with the Bengals, Bills, Eagles, and Chargers, Spikes knows plenty about being a leader as well as the required skillsets needed to have a long career in the NFL. 

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"When you look at Chase Young I see a guy who's taking you behind the mask of the locker room," Spikes said. "When you see a young player coming in, you check immediately when he's coming through the door how many tools he has on his tool belt. Chase Young has every damn tool that you can put in a toolbox. Now I just think he has to combine them."

Spikes, known as one of the most jacked linebackers of his generation, wants Young to put in the work during the offseason to build the body that'll give opposing offensive linemen nightmares. 

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"Chase Young when I watch his game, it's not that he's so dominant at the point of attack," Spikes said. "He's dominant when you're running the ball away from him or he's dominant when he's in a position where they're not necessarily trying to scheme one-on-one to where he may be lined up against the center and looping around."

Whether it's picking up fumbles and returning them for touchdowns or sprinting the width of the field to make a goal-line stand, Young displayed tremendous athleticism in year one. Now, Spikes wants Young to take that next step to add another dimension. 

"I think he's only scratched the surface of how good he can become. I think the next step and the next level of what I would like to see is being more dominant at the point of attack," Spikes said.