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Allen Robinson says he and Bears are 'in the clear' after trade rumors

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For any Washington Football Team fans excited about a potential trade for unsettled Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson, don't be.

In a Chicago press conference featuring head coach Matt Nagy and Robinson, the situation seems to have cleared up. 

Nagy said both the Bears and Robinson himself want the wide receiver in Chicago.

Robinson said that after talking to Nagy and Bears general manager Ryan Pace, they're "all in the clear," and he's ready to focus back on game plans and their Week 2 matchup with the Giants. 

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Still, after repeated questions to clarify if he did in fact request a trade as had been reported, Robinson said he'll keep that confidential -- though he did comment he thinks he'll finish the season a Bear. 

Frustrated that a couple of his teammates received offseason contract extensions before he did, Robinson recently cleared his social media of all Bears affiliations. When asked about what would've been a lengthy scrubbing session for Robinson, he responded, "I'm a man of passion."