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You better be paying attention to how remarkable McLaurin is

Football Team

The Washington Football Team's games always begin with a kickoff, take place on a field that is 100 yards in length and involve another opponent that plays in the NFL. Outside of those things, it's quite onerous to find much that's consistent about the franchise's week-to-week existence.

Terry McLaurin, though, is currently an exception to that rule.

A season after the then-rookie often emerged as the team's lone bright spot in an otherwise very dull and dark campaign, the now second-year pro is even more often emerging as an even brighter spot in an otherwise slightly less dull and dark campaign.

Through 10 appearances so far, McLaurin has already surpassed the number of grabs he posted across 14 contests in 2019 (62 compared to 58). With just an average performance on Thanksgiving, he'll do the same when it comes to his yardage (he's at 871 now after compiling 919 in his debut campaign).

Let's keep this going, because talking about a star doing star stuff is fun for everyone.

McLaurin has already registered six 7-plus reception performances up to this point. That's something he did just once in 2019. He's making all of them count, too: Only Alvin Kamara has created more yards after the catch than Washington's wideout. 

OK, OK, let's just do a few more if you don't mind.

Overall, McLaurin has 1,790 receiving yards in the first 24 matchups of his career. That slots him 12th all time in that metric (and above Jerry Rice, by the way). Additionally, he is one of 15 players since 1990 to have at least 1,820 yards from scrimmage and 100 snags after 24 career outings, joining luminaries like Randy Moss, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Christian McCaffrey.


So, clearly, the 25-year-old is producing at a ridiculous rate and also outdoing what was a seriously promising first go-round in the league. 

Of course, none of this is that shocking, right?

Shouldn't folks have seen this coming after Washington added another legit, established, pricey and unguardable receiver across from McLaurin in free agency? Defenses can't just lock in on McLaurin, after all!

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Beyond that, there's been so much stability at quarterback for the Burgundy and Gold lately. What target wouldn't want to be a part of this unit with all the success that's happening under center, huh?

And lastly, this is what first-round selections do, guys. That's why they're taken at the top of the draft. They're no-brainers for scouting staffs and would never, EVER make it to, say, Day 2 of the event.

Oh, wait, those last three paragraphs aren't true. He's yet to have a real sidekick on the other side, he's already paired up with five QBs in Washington and he's doing all of this despite going in the third round and arriving to the organization with the label of a special teams stud who also could haul in a few deep-balls down the sideline.

Sometimes, when something in life reaches a level of excellence and then remains there, it's easy to take it for granted. Chocolate milkshakes, Last Chance U and Lululemon joggers are three such examples of that. 

It feels like McLaurin has gotten to that spot in terms of his quality, but just because he has doesn't mean his contributions should ever be undervalued or glanced over.

He's already Washington's best player, and he's trending toward becoming one of the sport's best as well. While he makes what he's doing seem extremely normal, here's a reminder that it's really not.

Thank you to Washington PR's Charlie Mule for putting down his Playstation controller and assisting with the statistical help for this story, and thank you to Ellie Cross for bringing it, too.