DeMatha cancels scheduled football game vs. Bishop Sycamore


If you’ve been monitoring sports media over the last few weeks, there’s a chance you’ve heard about a situation—nay, a fiasco—regarding a high school football program called Bishop Sycamore.

Essentially, Bishop Sycamore identifies itself as an online-only charter high school in Ohio. The truth, though, is that the school never really existed and the football team is allegedly comprised of several postgraduates over high school age who want another shot at getting a D-I scholarship.

Oh, and there’s an active warrant out for the head coach’s arrest. Oh, and the team conned ESPN into broadcasting one of its games—a game they would lose 58-0 to IMG Academy, which is an actual high school.

So that’s the story of Bishop Sycamore (or B.S., if you will, which is fitting) in a nutshell inside of another nutshell. Well, D.C. powerhouse high school DeMatha was scheduled to play Bishop Sycamore on Oct. 1. DeMatha head coach Bill McGregor has since cancelled that matchup, noting the absurdity of the whole situation.

“We saw everyone else they were playing,” McGregor said in an interview with the Washington Post. “It’s not even in the realm of what you’re thinking, ‘Are you a real school?’”


Washington sports fans will now miss out on the opportunity to see DeMatha play a fake high school. The Stags, instead, will continue their usual season plan of playing real, tangible schools with real high schoolers and real classrooms. What the future holds for Bishop Sycamore is still up in the air.