Hogan wants the HS sports 'we're really missing' back


There's just something about a Friday night in the fall. Kids are done school for the week, the air is crisp but not cold enough to keep you inside all night.

Then there's the high school football game, where an entire town can congregate and enjoy their local team play as a nice appetizer to a weekend full of college and pros playing as well. Because of COVID-19 though, people haven't been able to enjoy the nostalgia.

Pro sports have figured out a way to execute their seasons during a global pandemic, college football conferences have begun their regular-season schedules as well. The next step for the sports world in returning to normalcy would be getting high school sports underway yet again.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan explained on the Washington Football Talk podcast that his intention is to get kids back in school and on the field for their fall sports seasons.

"We're pushing to get all the fall sports back, we're pushing to get all of our school systems open and get kids back into class," Hogan said. "We're really missing something by not having our kids back in school and not being out on the field, it's important."

There's more to it than just the fan experience, which will presumably be limited if games are played this year. Without a fall sports season, several kids won't get exposure to colleges on the recruiting trail. 

The prodigies that get their offers in their sophomore and junior years are the exception rather than the rule. Most athletes get their scholarship offers later in their high school careers.


"There are great kids that are looking for scholarships," Hogan said. "There are seniors, they're looking to really perform this year to get a good offer for college and it's really hurting their ability to figure out what they're doing."

Any high school sports season will seemingly require testing protocols and contact tracing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools and their communities.

Whether the schools have the capacity or funds to execute such a plan remains to be seen. What's certain is Hogan's intentions on the matter.