Holden Kushner's Nationals Minute


Holden Kushner's Nationals Minute

Thursday May 6, 2010 12:51 PMUpdated: 10:07 PM

By Holden Kushner

A Day In The Life of Making Nats Minute

3:40 PM: Walk into Nationals Park in new sneakers, nice shorts and my favorite Tommy Bahama shirt.

3:41 PM: Head to the Braves locker room to find Bobby Cox to get a tutorial on how to get ejected from a baseball game. Cox has been ejected more than any other man in the history of the game.

3:45 PM: Cant find Bobby Cox. Want him to give me a video tutorial on how to get ejected, but I know he doesnt like to talk about it. So I give a head nod to Chipper Jones and keep walking out of the locker room.

3:45:23 PM: I have no idea if Jones even acknowledges my presence. Obviously I care.

4:01 PM: After a 15 minute cat nap in the bullpen, I track down General Manager Mike Rizzo. Yours truly asks him about John Heymans SI.com report that the Nats are going to hire uber-phenom Bryce Harpers coach so they can assure themselves that Harper is comfortable when he is taken first overall in the June draft.

4:02 PM: Rizzo tells me the report is explicative. Lets just say false. I concur. By the way, this is the same reporter that reported Jerry DiPoto was going to be the next General Manager of the Nationals days before Rizzo got the job.

4:03 PM: Time to stop B-S-ing and get to work. I have a video to shoot.

4:06 PM Talk to Bobby Cox in the Braves dugout for about 10 minutes. We talk about how D.C. can be a baseball town if the Nationals get to the postseason a couple of years in a row. He also asks me how Im doing.

4:06:21 PM: Im doing well.

4:15 PM: Cant ask Bobby Cox to do the video tutorial. I know it will upset him because he doesnt like to talk about it. He reminds me of my Grandfather. I wuss out on asking the question.

4:16 PM: I say adios and head to the Nats dugout.

4:23 PM: Danny Rouhier and I do our stand-ups as we get ready to shoot this:

4:37 PM: Out of nowhere a security guard tells us he doesnt have a tazer and nobody in the Park has one. He has no idea we arent talking about moronic Philly fans.

4:38 PM: The same security guy jokes that hes tazed his wife for making a bad dinner. Not exactly PC, but really funny. I get the sense its a good thing he doesnt have a tazer and has never had one.

4:40 PM: John Lannan agrees to star in our video. He asks a good question: Holden, who let you on the field?"

4:41 PM: I ponder who actually did allow me on the field and why they agreed to do so.

5:21 PM: Grab Adam Dunn out of the dugout after batting practice. He thinks we are doing a boring interview on defense.

5:23 PM: Dunn learns were doing a spoof and decides to tell us about the pee test he needs to take immediately. Hes accommodating, gives us a sound bite and leaves with a smile.

5:27 PM: Ian Desmond agrees to be a part of our endeavor. We talk about how he learned to use his glove by putting it on his left hand and not on the right. Brilliant!

5:28 PM: Desmond tells me, This better not jinx me on defense.

5:30 PM: I tell Danny goodbye and walk up to the press box with camera manproducer Brian Jackson.

5:40 PM: Stuff my face with the media buffet.

7:00-End of the game: Watch the Nats lose in extra innings. Zero errors by Desmond. Whew!

11:45 PM: Watch the video, pass out and sleep.

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NBA offseason grades: With Kawhi Leonard, Raptors shined most in Atlantic Division


NBA offseason grades: With Kawhi Leonard, Raptors shined most in Atlantic Division

Here is a look at how the 2018 NBA offseason went for teams in the Atlantic Division...

Toronto Raptors, B+

2017-18 finish: 59-23, 2nd round of playoffs
In: F Kawhi Leonard, G Danny Green, C Greg Monroe
Out: G DeMar DeRozan, C Jakub Poeltl, C Lucas Nogueira

The Raptors had one of the more consequential offseasons of any NBA team this year. First, they fired Dwane Casey, the 2017-18 NBA Coach of the Year, following a season in which they won 59 games. Then, they pulled off the biggest trade of the summer, a deal that featured two perennial All-NBA players. They let go of DeRozan and brought in Leonard in return. If they hadn't parted with DeRozan and Casey, they may have gotten an A. But it's hard to tell how much better they will be following the deal and Leonard does bring with him some concerns based on his quadriceps injury and the fact he has only one year left on his contract. The Raptors do, however, also get points for re-signing point guard Fred VanVleet.

Boston Celtics, C

2017-18 finish: 55-27, conference finals
In: C Robert Williams, G Brad Wanamaker
Out: C Greg Monroe

One year ago, the Celtics flipped nearly their entire roster and brought in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. This year, they mostly stood pat and didn't add much of anything in free agency or trades. Their biggest acquisition was Williams, who they took 27th overall in the first round of the draft. The Celtics will hope they improve from within. They re-signed Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes, and should get Irving and Hayward back from injuries. They should have plenty of talent to compete for an NBA Finals berth, but as far as this offseason goes, they didn't do much.

Philadelphia 76ers, D+

2017-18 finish: 52-30, 2nd round of playoffs
In: F Wilson Chandler, C Mike Muscala, G Zhaire Smith, G Landry Shamet
Out: G Marco Belinelli, F Ersan Ilyasova

Where do we begin? This summer was about as dramatic and bad as it could get for the Sixers. First, they had to fire their general manager because of a burner Twitter account scandal. Then, they struck out miserably in free agency with LeBron James and Paul George, and in trade talks for Leonard. After that, Smith - their first round pick - hurt his foot. And along the way, Ben Simmons has been dating a Kardashian, flirting with the curse that has claimed many pro athletes before him. Philly did re-sign J.J. Redick and Johnson, and the Chandler trade was nice, but all in all it was an offseason that fell way short of the Sixers' expectations. That said, they can still get way better next season based solely on their young players taking another step.

New York Knicks, B

2017-18 finish: 29-53, missed playoffs
In: F Mario Hezonja, F Kevin Knox, F Noah Vonleh, C Mitchell Robinson
Out: F Michael Beasley, G Jarrett Jack, F Kyle O'Quinn

It's been a while since the Knicks had an offseason to write home about and this one is no exception. There was nothing they did that would flirt with an A-grade. However, the early returns on their draft are excellent. Knox and Robinson were both standouts in the Summer League and offer fans a little bit more hope about the team's future. As long as Kristaps Porzingis can return this season safe and sound from his ACL tear, the Knicks could take a step forward in 2018-19.

Brooklyn Nets, C+

2017-18 finish: 28-54, missed playoffs
In: F Ed Davis, F Kenneth Faried, F Jared Dudley
Out: F Dante Cunningham, G Nik Stauskas, C Jahlil Okafor

The best news about the Nets' offseason is that their trade with the Celtics, the one that stripped them of years of first round picks, is finally over. Next year, the Nets will have a first round pick. This summer, they once again didn't add any major pieces in the draft, but seemed to make some smart moves in free agency. The Davis deal is solid and Faried may benefit from a change of scenery. More baby steps for Brooklyn.

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Dmitry Orlov dazzles his hometown of Novokuznetsk with the Stanley Cup

USA Today Sports

Dmitry Orlov dazzles his hometown of Novokuznetsk with the Stanley Cup

Friday featured Dmitry Orlov and his jam-packed schedule with the coveted Stanley Cup.

The 27-year-old native of Russia decided to take the Cup to Novokuznetsk (located in the southwest region of Siberia) for a meet and greet with fans by the Ferris wheel at Gagarin City Park.

It should be mentioned that Orlov's day with the trophy was nearly derailed after a travel glitch that sent the Cup to Novosibirsk instead of his hometown. 

Thanks to the ultimate assist from a helicopter, the Cup arrived in style and set up one memorable entrance for the defenseman. 

Orlov released this hype video which highlights his entire day on Instagram: 

Дорогие друзья! Огромное спасибо, что разделили с нами наш праздник! Для нас это значимое и большое событие! Ещё раз приносим искренние извинения за задержку с кубком! И спасибо за понимание, мы старались сделать все максимально быстро! Спасибо за тёплый приём! Нашим родным, друзьям, тренерам, отдельная благодарность! Вы сделали наш праздник, наш день! Мы никогда не забудем этот праздник! P.S. Лена @govor_elena , тебе и твоим родным, отдельная благодарность, если бы не ваша помощь, то не известно когда бы кубок был в Новокузнецке!

A post shared by Dmitry Orlov (@orlov_09) on

Talk about a banner weekend for the Washington Capitals. The Ovechkins welcomed their new son, Sergei Aleksandrovich, into the world and Orlov pulled off yet another spectacular day with the Cup.



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