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Hating specific teams and specific players is as much of a part of fandom as rooting for your favorite team or player.

We cheer loudly when the Capitals win and cheer just as loud when the Penguins lose. It's the way the world works. But there are a few things you do for your home team that your don't — and won't — do for their bitter rivals.

One of these such things is buy a specific jersey. You will never see a Capitals fan wear a Penguins jersey on purpose. It just won't happen.

But lets say you had to. Let's say that you were forced to buy a jersey belonging to your least favorite team. What team and what player would it be?

It's a question that made the rounds on Twitter Monday afternoon, and it's an interesting one.


What it comes down to is this: Choosing the least offensive player on your most hated team. There are a few alternative solutions: The most outrageous player regardless of like or dislike; a player with the same last name as you; an alumni of the same college or university.

For example, if you had to buy a Dallas Cowboys jersey, a Michael Irvin jersey would be an excellent choice for a bachelor party. Nobody wants to wear an Eagles jersey, but if you had to, a throwback Reggie White jersey would be not terrible.


So, D.C. sports fans, what jersey would you buy?

Let us know in the comments.

Dallas Cowboys:
— Calvin Hill (Redskins RB 1976-77, born and raised in Md./Va.)
— Brad Johnson (Redskins starting QB 1999-2000)
— Drew Pearson (HS teammate of Joe Theismann, all-around good guy)
— Emmitt Smith (It's hard not to like Emmitt)
— Deion Sanders (Played for the Redskins, is a ridiculous person)

Philadelphia Eagles:
— Throwback Reggie White or Randall Cunningham
— Brian Mitchell
— Tim Tebow (Because why not. WHY NOT?)

New York Giants:
— LaVar Arrington
— Brian Mitchell

Pittsburgh Penguins:
— Eric Fehr (Former Capitals forward)
— Brent Johnson (Capitals goalie, current CSN analyst)
— Mario Lemiux (Hey, at least it's not Jagr)

New York Rangers:
— Henrik Lundqvist (He's just so dang handsome)
— George McPhee (1976-79, current Capitals GM)

Cavaliers, LeBron James (Duh)
Duke, Grant Hill (For the Maryland fans)
Yankees, Derek Jeter (For Orioles fans and, well, all baseball fans really)
Phillies, Jayson Werth (We don't want to, but if we had to ...)