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If you had to buy a jersey from your least favorite team, which one would it be?


If you had to buy a jersey from your least favorite team, which one would it be?

Hating specific teams and specific players is as much of a part of fandom as rooting for your favorite team or player.

We cheer loudly when the Capitals win and cheer just as loud when the Penguins lose. It's the way the world works. But there are a few things you do for your home team that your don't — and won't — do for their bitter rivals.

One of these such things is buy a specific jersey. You will never see a Capitals fan wear a Penguins jersey on purpose. It just won't happen.

But lets say you had to. Let's say that you were forced to buy a jersey belonging to your least favorite team. What team and what player would it be?

It's a question that made the rounds on Twitter Monday afternoon, and it's an interesting one.


What it comes down to is this: Choosing the least offensive player on your most hated team. There are a few alternative solutions: The most outrageous player regardless of like or dislike; a player with the same last name as you; an alumni of the same college or university.

For example, if you had to buy a Dallas Cowboys jersey, a Michael Irvin jersey would be an excellent choice for a bachelor party. Nobody wants to wear an Eagles jersey, but if you had to, a throwback Reggie White jersey would be not terrible.

So, D.C. sports fans, what jersey would you buy?

Let us know in the comments.

Dallas Cowboys:
— Calvin Hill (Redskins RB 1976-77, born and raised in Md./Va.)
— Brad Johnson (Redskins starting QB 1999-2000)
— Drew Pearson (HS teammate of Joe Theismann, all-around good guy)
— Emmitt Smith (It's hard not to like Emmitt)
— Deion Sanders (Played for the Redskins, is a ridiculous person)

Philadelphia Eagles:
— Throwback Reggie White or Randall Cunningham
— Brian Mitchell
— Tim Tebow (Because why not. WHY NOT?)

New York Giants:
— LaVar Arrington
— Brian Mitchell

Pittsburgh Penguins:
— Eric Fehr (Former Capitals forward)
— Brent Johnson (Capitals goalie, current CSN analyst)
— Mario Lemiux (Hey, at least it's not Jagr)

New York Rangers:
— Henrik Lundqvist (He's just so dang handsome)
— George McPhee (1976-79, current Capitals GM)

Cavaliers, LeBron James (Duh)
Duke, Grant Hill (For the Maryland fans)
Yankees, Derek Jeter (For Orioles fans and, well, all baseball fans really)
Phillies, Jayson Werth (We don't want to, but if we had to ...)

Five items for the Washington sports fan on Amazon Prime Day


Five items for the Washington sports fan on Amazon Prime Day

It's Amazon Prime day! Everyone who doesn't have a Prime account will be asking for your log in (especially if you have a student account), but shopping this sale is worth your time. We've selected some awesome DMV sports gear you must grab before training camp, tailgates, and the second half of baseball season.

1. Custom Stitched Sean Taylor Jersey

Yeah, this should be your tailgate uniform. A fraction of the price of an authentic jersey, your gameday closet needs this hand-stitched jersey. Phanatic Sports Memorabilia sells jerseys in burgundy and white, including everyone from Taylor and Theismann to Collins and Guice. Have you seriously not clicked that link yet?

2. NFL Cooler Quad Chair


Once you're dressed, it's time to sit back and enjoy the party. What better chair to bring to a tailgate than one with multiple pouches, a cupholder and your team's logo on the back? You're ready to rock gameday.

3. Nationals Desk Caddy


Bring your spirit to the office and stay hype for the second half of the season post All-Star break. This might make you some friends in the office, and it might make you some enemies. Choose your lunch dates wisely.

4. Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champions DVD

What makes a D.C. sports fan feel warm and fuzzy like rewatching the first Stanley Cup championship? If you still own a DVD player, this purchase is great for the whole family (according to reviews, it's kid friendly). 

5. 2018 Stanley Cup National Hockey League Championship Ring 

No joke, at $16.79 these babies are 20% off today and come in myriad sizes through the Gloral HIF shop. Definitely worth a look and affordable for every Caps fan to represent their favorites at their leisure. Warning: may be blinding.


Best Boston sports bars in the D.C. area

Best Boston sports bars in the D.C. area

Boston sports fans far from home deserve a place to watch their seemingly endless championship dynasties reign. If nothing else, this is a place for D.C. sports fans to avoid on certain game days. Whether it's a Sox game at 1:05 p.m. or one of those nights where the Celtics, Bruins and Patriots overlap, these bars, pubs and taverns will make you feel as close to home as possible 500 miles away.

1. Dirty Water DC

While they brand themselves as "The Boston Sports Bar of DC," Dirty Water is much more than that. Known to host quite a few parties for all kinds of sporting events day or night, every Boston sports fan should celebrate here at least once. This is the place for the most raucous and rowdy -- prepare for champagne showers.

2. Capitol Lounge

Their tagline is "No politics. No Miller Lite," which seems too good to be true. The part that makes Capitol Lounge so great is their specialized New England Patriots food menu for game days -- highlights include with Yo Soy Fiesta nachos (shoutout to Gronk), Gooddell Can Suck My Quesadillas, Foxboro fries, and Beli-chicken tenders. I'll take one of everything!

3. Buffalo Billiards

BB carries Sam Adams Boston Lager, Light AND seasonal in addition to having billiards, skeeball, shuffleboard, foosball, ping pong and a handful of classic arcade games. Located in Dupont Circle, it's a convenient location to meet up with other Boston fans across the district. Patriots and Bruins fans have been known to spend game nights here.

4. Murphy's Grand Irish Pub

I would not lead you outside D.C. if it wasn't worth it, but Murphy's is a diehard spot for all things New England sports. This tavern as authentically Irish as it gets, with the added bonus of welcoming Notre Dame fans as well. They reserve the upstairs level of the restaurant for Patriots games watch parties in season and plaster their televisions with NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN Gameplan along with NHL, Big 10 and MLB pay-per-view packages.

5. Ireland's Four Courts

Four Courts has been a staple of the Arlington Courthouse neighborhood for nearly 20 years. You may have heard of them as a soccer pub, but they're also members of Patriots Nation. Four Courts keeps a hearty amount of Irish beer and whiskey on the menu for all drinking festivities.

6. Penn Quarter Sports Tavern

PQST is tons of fun for any sports fan and was voted the Washington Post's 2018 Best Sports Bar. They air every single DirecTV sports package and have an outdoor patio just three blocks from Capital One Arena. 

7. Church Hall

This Georgetown beer hall boasts liter pours of beer, including Narragansett and Allagash White on draft. With TVs lining the walls above seated booths and long hall tables, there's room for everyone to watch the game at Church Hall.

8. Penn Social

This sports bar with a patio and arcade is in the same family as Church Hall, so they're doing something right. PS keeps a 22-foot movie screen and nine 10-foot flatscreens to keep the games their patrons want are on while you're drinking in celebration or worry.

9. Public Bar

Public Bar was one of D.C.'s top-five sports bars until it temporarily closed in 2018. To class it up a bit, Public Bar was revived in March 2019 with a live music stage but retains its passion for being a sports bar. The revamped decor is modern yet sporty and attracts lively fans looking for any game.

10. Across the Pond

ATP serves better-than-average pub fare in the heart of Dupont Circle and is an official sponsor for a Boston Fans in D.C. group that regularly meets up for games and organizes events when Boston teams are in town, including buses to Camden Yards. One of the owners claims loyalty to the Red Sox, Pats and Bruins. 

11. Blackfinn Ameripub DC

To include an honorable mention outside the top 10, we land on Blackfinn Ameripub adjacent to Farragut Square. I have personally spent two Super Bowls here in five years of living in the D.C. area, just because so many Patriots fans meet up here. The classic bar food is spectacular, and the staff enjoys the spirit of gameday here.