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Remembering Jim Vance, a Washington institution and the city's guiding light

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Remembering Jim Vance, a Washington institution and the city's guiding light

Washington, D.C. is a city of great institution, and in its human form, there was no greater institution than Jim Vance. 

For 45 years -- the longest of any newscaster in the region -- Vance treated every Washingtonian with courtesy, respect and the ability to not just read the news, but talk with you about it. The latter is an important distinction in this city, one ruled by political grandstanding and ruthless social posturing.

On Saturday, the nation's capital lost its kindest, most charismatic and respected voice of news and information, as Vance passed away at the age of 75.

I am not writing this as an employee of NBC Universal, nor am I writing this as a former intern at NBC4.  I am writing this as the son of a Washingtonian. I am writing this as a 32-year old who was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Someone who took the local bus to high school every day, the same bus adorned with his NBC4 headshot.

I am writing this as someone who loves Washington, D.C. as not the seat of American politics, but the greatest local community in the country.

And Vance was the face and the voice of the local community.

But what made Vance great was not what he did, but how he did it.

Vance was as charming a newscaster as you will ever see. He was polite but direct. He could make you laugh and make you cry. He made you care about the community, whether you grew up on a metro line or simply spent a summer interning on one.

I did not know Jim Vance on a personal level. I met him on several occasions as an intern, and as incredible of a journalist as he was, what always shined was his urbane sophistication and truly warm demeanor.

He was the same person on television as he was in the newsroom, and was that very same person when you ran into him at the local florist. He was Washington D.C.'s guiding light. The city's voice of knowledge and community.

It's why despite hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians not knowing Jim Vance on a personal level, each and everyone felt like he was a part of their extended family.

We welcomed him into our houses every day.

We discussed the local happenings and important world issues.

We groaned when local teams were eliminated from the playoffs and shared imaginary yet all-too-real hi-fives when the teams won. 

He wasn't just a newscaster. He was a Washingtonian. He was the guy whose photo you saw on the wall at local delis and the guy who stood behind you in-line at the very same place. 

Death is human, but influence is forever. Jim Vance truly is a Washington institution, one that will never die.

Capitals, Mystics and Wizards unveil t-shirts to benefit 'Feeding the Frontlines' fund

Capitals, Mystics and Wizards unveil t-shirts to benefit 'Feeding the Frontlines' fund

The Washington Capitals, Mystics and Wizards announced a new line of t-shirts to raise money for Monumental Sports & Entertainment's “Feeding the Frontlines.”

The shirts promote healthy practices and support during this difficult time. Proceeds will go to feeding first responders, Healthcare and essential workers at D.C.-area hospitals and COVID-19 testing sites

The Capitals shirt replaced the 'Washington' in the Capitals logo with "Wash your hands." The Wizards shirt utilizes the Washington Monument logo and adding an extra sudsy hand to encourage others to wash their hands. The Mystics shirt says "We’ll always be together" branded similar to their "Together DC" logos. 

Shirts are available for a limited time, ranging from S to 2XL. They are $25 each and can be purchased here.

5 places in the DMV to get tacos for 'Taco Tuesday'

@elchuchodc / Instagram

5 places in the DMV to get tacos for 'Taco Tuesday'

It's Cinco De Mayo AND Taco Tuesday, which means there is absolutely no excuse to not have a Mexican feast. 

Although restaurants continue to be closed for dining due to COVID-19, these locations are offering take-out and delivery options.

Here are the top 5 places to get tacos in the DMV: 

1. El Chucho 

El Chucho has an exceptional taco and margarita menu that is perfect for casual dining. 

2. Anafre

Anafre offers the best seafood tacos in town, including notable favorites like shrimp tacos and crispy oyster tacos.

3. Mexicue

For Mexican barbeque style eats, Mexicue is the clear winner (as evident by the name, of course). Brisket, smoky chicken, and pulled pork are just a few of the tacos types available on their killer menu. 

4. District Taco

District Taco has something for everybody. Simple, yummy, and Yucatan style Mexican is always the move. 

5. Surfside 

Surfside is a DC classic, with a menu that will make you feel like you are lounging at the beach.