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This Kirk Cousins end zone interception in crunch time looks all too familiar to Redskins fans

This Kirk Cousins end zone interception in crunch time looks all too familiar to Redskins fans

It's been over a year since QB Kirk Cousins was wearing burgundy and gold, leading the Redskins offense. During his tenure with the team Cousins threw 99 touchdowns and 55 interceptions, however, he was ultimately known for his untimely interceptions in clutch situations. 

Fast forward to present day.

One thing that's changed is Cousins now starts for the Minnesota Vikings, but him making late-game mistakes remains the same. 

Down by five, 1st and goal in the fourth quarter, Cousins had an opportunity to take the lead late against the Green Bay Packers. 

What happens next is a tale as old as time: 

This sight is oh so familiar to Skins faithful, but they also probably wish their game against the Cowboys was close enough to have an opportunity to tie late in the fourth. 

Pick your poison. 


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Bryce Harper’s free agency annoys us in a way Kirk Cousins’ never did

Bryce Harper’s free agency annoys us in a way Kirk Cousins’ never did

Redskins Insider JP Finlay and the Redskins Talk Podcast crew joined our Racing Presidents Podcast for a topical crossover debate involving two of the most polarizing free agents in D.C. sports history: Kirk Cousins and Bryce Harper.

Click play in the embedded podcast player below to listen to the entire podcast. 

As the Bryce Harper free agency saga continues to drag on, it's fair to wonder whether his free agency has been more annoying to follow as a D.C. sports supporter than former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins free agency.

This past weekend, 106.7 the Fan program director Chris Kinard posted a Twitter poll asking fans which contract situation was more annoying to deal with.

NBC Sports Washington's J.P. Finlay agreed with the results, and wrote Monday that Cousins' situation was far more annoying than Harper's.

Sorry, J.P. While the Cousins' contract saga was over a much longer period of time, Harper's situation has been the more annoying one.

The Rumors/Contract Styles

While Cousins' contract saga lasted far longer than Harper's, the team he was suiting up for on gameday was for the most part never in doubt. While the Redskins and Cousins were never able to agree on a long-term contract, the franchise tag in 2016 and 2017 confirmed Cousins would be a Redskins player for both of those seasons. The Redskins were the ones who ultimately decided to move on from Cousins, as they traded for Alex Smith six weeks before free agency began, marking when Cousins could sign with any team. There was a clear replacement for Cousins, and many could argue that at the time, Smith was even an upgrade over Cousins.

Bryce Harper's offseason has just been rumor after rumor. At this point, the saga has dragged on for so long, that many fans just want it to end. Harper turned down a 10-year, $300 million contract from the Nationals on the last day of the 2018 season, effectively positioning himself for what he envisioned of free agency with several teams bidding for him with contracts well over $300 million. Well, we're over four months into free agency, Spring Training has started, and only the Philadelphia Phillies have reportedly offered Harper over $300 million. Teams such as the Giants and Dodgers have become players in the race for Harper on a potential short-term deal, even after the Dodgers ruled themselves out weeks ago. Nationals owner Mark Lerner said just a few days ago that they haven't heard from Harper's camp in months, but would not necessarily close the door on bringing their superstar back, as Lerner said: "But there's always that, the door's cracked a little bit." There have been so many reports throughout the whole free agency process, with many contradicting one another, that even Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said he stopped paying attention to them.

The biggest free agent in years is still unsigned, and it this point, Nationals and baseball fans just want a decision. If Harper knew that free agency would end up the way it has, one has to think he may have accepted the Nationals original offer. The whole process has been a huge annoyance to all fans involved.

Impact of each player

Bryce Harper and Kirk Cousins are both very good at what they do. But Harper is a far better baseball player than Kirk Cousins is a quarterback. The numbers and accolades speak for themselves. 

Harper has been the face of the Nationals franchise since he was drafted first overall in 2010, and especially after his impressive rookie year in 2012. In seven seasons with the Nationals, Harper is a six-time All-Star, has an MVP award under his belt, a silver slugger, the 2012 NL Rookie of the Year, and a home run derby champion. It's no coincidence that the Nationals made the playoffs for the first time in team history in 2012, the year Harper made his Major League debut. Harper has been the most feared hitter in the Nationals lineup for years, and been a vital part of a team that has won the NL East four of the last seven seasons. While the Nationals 2019 roster is prepared as best as possible to replace Harper's shoes, assuming he is signing elsewhere, his absence in the lineup will be significant.

Cousins was a solid NFL quarterback during his three-year run as the Redskins starter, but he was no where near an elite level. Cousins lone NFL accolade is a Pro Bowl selection in 2016, and he was not an original selection. He replaced Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who was partaking in the Super Bowl. Captain Kirk led the Redskins to just one playoff berth as a starter, which was in 2015. As soon the contract saga began, Cousins did not have a season with more than eight wins. He threw double digit interceptions in all three years as a starter, and never finished top-five in QBR. 

Cousins was the main talk of the offseason for three straight years, but it was more about how rare it was for a quarterback to be under the franchise tag for two years and hit free agency, than it was about his quarterback play. Much of the attention was undeserved, looking back at it.

Eventual Landing Spot

While Harper remains a free agent, reports have come in that he is choosing between the Phillies, Dodgers, and the Giants. All three have plenty of recent history with the Nationals. 

The Phillies, still the favorite to land Harper, are NL East foes with the Nationals, and arguably Washington's biggest competition for the division crown in 2019, even if they don't land Bryce. Should Harper choose the 'City of Brotherly Love,' Nationals fans would have to see their former superstar in rival colors at least 19 times a year, plus if they were to meet in the playoffs. Philadelphia has already added J.T. Realmuto, arguably the best catcher in baseball, this offseason, as well as Jean Segura and Andrew McCutchen. Adding Harper would be the cherry on top to an excellent offseason for the Phillies.

The other two teams in the mix, the Dodgers and Giants, have both beaten the Nationals in the playoffs over the past five years. The Giants defeated the Nationals in the 2014 NLDS, and there was plenty of bad blood between the two teams, especially regarding Harper. In 2016, the Dodgers defeated the Nationals in the NLDS in a decisive 4-3 victory in Game 5. Both series losses were devastating for the Nationals, as there were many opportunities for the Nationals to prevail. None of these teams have any love from Nationals fans.

While Cousins ended up signing within the NFC, he didn't end up choosing a division rival like Harper may do. By signing with Minnesota, Cousins will only see the Redskins every fourth year, unless the Redskins and Vikings finish in the same place in their respective divisions. There is of course the chance that they meet in the playoffs, but rather unlikely, based on the current state of the two teams. The Vikings and Redskins do play each other in 2019, however. 

Additionally, when Cousins signed with the Vikings, the Redskins had their quarterback of the next several years in place. Unfortunately, a devastating injury to Alex Smith significantly altered the Redskins quarterback position of the present and future, but at the time the move looked smart. Before Smith went down, the Redskins were 6-3 and led the NFC East. Meanwhile, Cousins' Vikings ended up missing the playoffs, just a year removed from making the NFC Championship game with Case Keenum as their starting quarterback. 


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Think the Bryce Harper saga is bad? Well, Kirk Cousins' was even more annoying

Think the Bryce Harper saga is bad? Well, Kirk Cousins' was even more annoying

Redskins Insider JP Finlay and the Redskins Talk Podcast crew joined our Racing Presidents Podcast for a topical crossover debate involving two of the most polarizing free agents in D.C. sports history: Kirk Cousins and Bryce Harper.

Click play in the embedded podcast player below to listen to the entire podcast. 

Don't let recency bias get in the way.

The Kirk Cousins contract saga was way more annoying than the Bryce Harper contract saga. 

As reports on Harper's free agency continue to drag on, the question circulated over the weekend about which high-profile contract process bugged D.C. fans more when 106.7 the Fan program director Chris Kinard posted this Twitter poll.

There are a number of reasons why the Cousins situation was way more annoying, and to make sure people remember correctly, below is the full annoying-scale breakdown.


This is a huge factor. Harper is one of the best players in baseball. He's only 26 years old and is already a six-time All-Star. He won the NL MVP at 22. In all likelihood, Harper will be land in Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame when his career ends. With his numbers, it's almost a lock. 

Cousins is a pretty good quarterback. He has flashes of brilliance. Then he has flashes of this. 

From a talent perspective, one of these guys belongs in the conversation of record-breaking contracts. With his combination of power hitting and marketability, Harper should be the most highly anticipated free agency decision in the history of baseball. Cousins was more the beneficiary of a free agent system that rarely sees quarterbacks hit the open market. Good for him though. 


Cousins and the Redskins danced around a contract for three years.


It began in 2016, following a strong finish to the 2015 season, when Cousins was slated for free agency. The 'Skins lowballed Cousins, and he decided just to play out the season on the franchise tag. By 2017, Cousins was done with Washington, choosing not to negotiate a long-term deal and again play on the tag. By 2018, both sides knew the situation was broken, and Washington traded for Alex Smith and let Cousins walk in free agency. It took three years, and arguably more time, energy and pixels than any other contractual debate in D.C. sports history.

The Harper contract situation has largely been a slow burn. Almost since he entered the league Nationals fans knew an eventual free agent showdown was coming, particularly with Harper represented by Scott Boras. Sure, there was the boyhood love of the Yankees further clouding things. But Harper handled things well, refusing to talk about free agency last season and letting it all unfold this offseason. The last few months of Harper updates and news, real and fake, has been annoying, but nothing touches the three years of time lost for 'Skins fans dealing with the Redskins clumsiness with Kirk Cousins.  

General annoyingness 

Both players did some annoying stuff during their contract saga. Harper has been mysterious and a little weird with tweets and social media posts as fans of teams from coast to coast wait to hear where he will sign. And it's certainly annoying he has waited well into Spring Training before picking a team. 

Cousins, however, was worse because he repeatedly said he wanted to stay in Washington. At various points in the three-year melodrama, that was probably true, but by the end, it certainly wasn't. After his final game with the Redskins, after repeatedly not answering questions about his future with the media, Cousins did a long radio interview with 106.7 the Fan. It was more than an interview, it was an appearance with a live studio audience at a Virginia concert venue. It was as close to a spectacle as a Kirk Cousins event can be. While there, thousands of dollars were raised for charity, so it did some good, but Cousins seemed disingenuous at parts of the conversation, saying that he would love to be back with the Burgundy and Gold. 

Both players were annoying in their slow departures from Washington, but at least Bryce never pretended he wanted to come back. All along, Harper said he loves DC but has also made it clear he wanted a massive contract. It never felt quite as honest with Kirk.