In The Loop: Mookie wins America tacos, Beal spies next Lewis


Here are some of the best moments going on in the sports world right now.

First up, Game 1 of the World Series took place last night and Mookie Betts yet again shows why the Dodgers paid him the big bucks. He went 2-for-4 with a HR and a walk. He also added two stolen bases. That stolen base won America free tacos from the Taco Bell “Steal a base, Steal a taco” promotion that said if someone steals a base during the World Series and you register, you win a free taco.

Mookie said postgame that he wanted to win America tacos. He’s the man of the people!

Moving on, Bradley Beal quote tweeted the tweet below of a young stud football player writing “Baby Ray.” That’s some high praise from Beal, but seeing that video it does look a lot like Ray Lewis.

Let’s check back in 20 years to see if he’s in the NFL.

Finally, Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors Facetimed a fan who’s battling cancer after her only wish was to meet him. These are the type of feel good stories that you love to see. I’m sure Deborah is never going to forget this moment.