In the Loop: Hopkins completes 'Hail Murray', Caps go retro


Here are some of the best moments going on in the sports world right now.

First up, it’s the catch that everyone is talking about. The Hail Mary thrown by Kyler Murray and the incredible catch by DeAndre Hopkins to win it for the Cardinals, 32-30 over the Bills on Sunday. 

Athletes reacted to the catch across social media including LeBron James who said, "My bro different." 

Moving on, RB Adrian Peterson played against his former team this weekend. After the game he found QB Alex Smith, snapped a photo, and shared it on social media with a caption recognizing Smith's comeback story. 

Smith started at quarterback for the Washington Football Team which marked the first game he's officially started in 728 days. He continues to be an inspiration. 

Finally, the Washington Capitals unveiled their Reverse Retro alternate jerseys. The jerseys have been a topic of conversation on social media since they dropped. 

The retro jerseys will be available Dec. 1 in plenty of time for most fans' Christmas lists.