In The Loop: Brees family support, CP3 teams up with Booker


Here are some of the best moments going on in the sports world right now.

First up, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees left the game early on Sunday and the injury reports revealed he has multiple rib fractures and a collapsed lung. 

Following the news, Brees posted to his Instagram a photo with his children as his “doctors.” He’s making lemons out of lemonade in what is a tough situation for the 41-year-old QB near the end of his career. 

Moving on, the Orioles gave us the social media content that we all needed. Meet Brooks, WBAL’s service dog!

Finally, earlier this week, Chris Paul was traded to the Phoenix Suns and will now be teammates with Devin Booker. Seven years ago, Booker posted how excited he was to just be invited to CP3’s camp, and now they’re teammates. A story that comes full circle!