In The Loop: Suns fans welcome Ayton home, Ledecky graduates


First up in our look around the sports world, the Phoenix Suns swept the Denver Nuggets and will advance to the Western Conference Finals.

The team returned home from Denver and was greeted by a sea of Suns fans.  

Suns big man Deandre Ayton popped out of the sunroof to rally the fans and posted a video saying, “Phoenix I love you.”

Next up, dogs sure are cute, but sometimes they can cause some trouble.

Wisconsin native, JJ Watt recently posted a photo of his new Milwaukee Bucks hat chewed up by his dogs.

Watt attended Game 4 on Sunday night between the Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets and looks like they replaced that dog chewed hat for game time.

Finally, Katie Ledecky is competing at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trails and it just so happened to be the same dates as her graduation from Stanford University.

Ledecky and two fellow Stanford graduates, Brooke Forde and Katie Drabot, brought their cap and gown to the pool to celebrate graduation day from Omaha.

Ledecky has won 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal in previous Olympic Games and is looking to continue that success in Tokyo this summer.