Maryland, Virginia opponents set for 2020 Big Ten/ACC Challenge


The coronavirus pandemic has forced sports leagues across the nation to develop creative ways to still host competitive games. This time, it's college basketball's turn to take a stab at fielding a season. Thursday, matchups for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge were announced.

Maryland is set to take on Clemson, while Virginia is slated to face Michigan State, both teams announced.

Maryland has gone 1-5 in this event since switching over to the Big Ten side — while members of the ACC they were 10-5. Maryland has faced Clemson the fifth-most out of any program in college basketball, posting an 85-46 record in 131 games.

For Virginia, this marks the first time they'll face off with the Spartans in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge since 2002. Michigan State downed Virginia in both the 2014 and 2015 NCAA tournaments, and the Hoos could have had a rematch in the 2019 Final Four if the Spartans hadn’t fallen to Texas Tech, 61-51.