Several WNBA stars are enjoying their unique experience inside the league's bubble in Bradenton, Fla. None, though, are enjoying it quite like Washington Mystics star Emma Meesseman. 

On Sunday, she checked off one animal on her Florida safari list when she found a snake outside of her villa within the confines of the bubble. 

Fortunately for Meesseman, and maybe not so much for her teammates, the defending WNBA Finals MVP is excited for all the animals she will get to see in her special trip to the Sunshine State. The Belgian native has never been to Florida (the WNBA doesn't have a Florida team). 


But while she is in the bubble, Meesseman wants to ensure she is making the most of her time there. Part of her decision to play during a season affected by the coronavirus was because she wanted to be a part of the adventure.

Seeing a snake on the side of the building is one of those, and according to roommate Myisha Hines-Allen, Meesseman was doing more than just observing. She wanted to capture it. 


"She wanted to see it up close," Hines-Allen told reporters on Tuesday. "I don't like wildlife... they're like, oh, come look it's a snake, like [expletive] I'm like, 'huh' and then I didn't even have to ask like who's catching the snake. I turn the corner and it's Emma right there trying to catch a snake. I mean, no. I was not a part of that, I will never be part of that."

With Hines-Allen's dislike of animals and Meesseman's love for them, it's made for quite the bunking experience. The snake is not the only animal Meesseman encountered.

Last week a lizard was found inside their living arrangments with Meesseman and Mystics teammate Ariel Atkins having to find a way to coax it outside. 

"Well, Myisha was not doing anything. She was just sitting on the counter and just getting a video on her phone," Meesseman told reporters in a Zoom chat last week. "So, it's just so fun [Hines-Allen and Atkins are] pretty scared of birds and lizards and animals. So I look forward to have [sic] more birds, not inside, but I do more so with the animals and just take care of them."

For anyone that has been to Florida, lizards and small snakes aren't the main creatures to worry about. But at the rate Meesseman is checking off exotic animals from her safari list, you never know what she'll stumble across next.