Mystics guard Natasha Cloud will not stand for Twitter users who can't grasp that women play professional sports too.

In the aftermath of the first round of the NFL draft, the second professional sporting event since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that he was excited for sports to be back. When he realized his mistake, he tweeted out a correction, pointing out that the WNBA draft had occurred last week. 

That's when a verified Twitter user took the opportunity to strike down whether the WNBA is a professional sport.

As one could expect, Cloud was having none of it. 

To paraphrase the exchange (warning: NSFW), Harry, the verified user said one of the weird phenomenons is the determination to keep insisting the WNBA is a pro sport. Cloud responded and told Harry to come play her on the court or to stop talking.

As of this writing, he has yet to publically respond to the challenge of the Mystics star.

Others, who have nothing better to do than strike down the WNBA for no reason, took his tweet, the outcry and ran with it as Harry did above. 

He wasn't the only one to feel Cloud's wrath.


Fair warning to all: if there is anyone that legitimately believes the WNBA isn't a sport, expect to get a word and eventual lesson from Natasha Cloud.

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